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Melaleuca, Inc. is a company that originally began under the name "Oil of Melaleuca, Inc." offering a single product called "T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil" which was formulated from extract of the melaleuca alternafolia shrub-like tree, commonly known as tea tree oil. This former company operated as a standard multi-level marketing company whose literature made health claims the FDA would not approve. The company sold products whose uses and benefits were not verifiably documented. There were also exaggerated claims of the efficacy of the active ingredient, tea tree oil, and claims that the company was a sole source of the same, creating an impression of privileged access to a unique product.

Melaleuca sales history from 1985 through 2008.
In 1985, the company was taken over by Frank L. VanderSloot who dissolved the previous company, created a new marketing plan to support consumers, immediately launched an initiative to bring the company's product line into compliance with FDA regulations, and started this new company under the name of "Melaleuca, Inc.". He made the compensation plan more favorable to Marketing Executives, by establishing Consumer Direct Marketing. Independent Marketing Executives were no longer required to sell products but instead became preferred membership enrollment facilitators. Since VanderSloot has taken the helm, Melaleuca has experienced consistently increasing sales and revenues and expanded internationally.

Melaleuca now has over 2,500 employees as well as sales offices in Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, and United Kingdom and grossed US 7,000,000 in sales in 2008. Melaleuca began sales in Singapore, Netherlands, and Jamaica in 2006.

Sales History
Melaleuca was recognized by Inc Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States for five consecutive years (1990-1994). In addition, Melaleuca has seen 23 years of consecutive growth since its foundation in 1985.
Though sales reached 7 million in 2009, Melaleuca controls less than 0.5% of the North American marketplace, with their largest competitors being Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson.

Products and business model
While initially based predominantly on melaleuca plant extracts, the product line has since expanded beyond this initial focus. Melaleuca sells products including household cleaners, personal care items, pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements.
Business model consist of an mlm direct sales format, you can sell your product to customers or via the internet following companies' policies and procedures. The most lucrative way of making money with Melaleuca is by leveraging the efforts of others this is being done through an MLM networking format wherein you introduce the opportunity and product to people and get them started in the business.
To be successful marketing Melaleuca you need to eliminate most old school marketing techniques. There is no need to chase friends and family.

What is being left out of the Melaleuca Presentation?
In my 6 years of being in the MLM industry, what has and continues to be left out of every presentation is the importance of understanding how you are going to MARKET YOU. When joining MELALEUCA you are not simply joining a company, you are becoming a business owner and that requires a completely different mindset!

You have to understand how it is that you are going to set YOURSELF apart as a leader in MELALEUCA and market YOU. See, I've found that it really doesn't matter which company you join or for that matter what their product or service isit is really about you becoming a true business owner. Understanding how to market, manage people, create cash flow and bring in new distributors on a daily basis is the life blood of being in the MLM industry.

One of the greatest ways that I found to learn how to market online using all of these mediums was to learn from those who'd already done it. If you're new or old to the network marketing game this is a great way for you to be able to get started.
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