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How To Find Stock Broker At Your Local Bank

The drawback is that you will normally require a bank account with the bank. Not all high street banks are sophisticated enough nor have the capacity to employ a stock broker so it might be wise that you need to make some enquiries in your locality.

Some banks only require you to pay a small service charge. You will get a FSA (UK) authorized personnel as your personal fund manager. He will invest on your behalf on the level of risks you are happy to take. For that added value service you only pay 3% for each investment. The fund manager will take the level of risks that you are happy with and with full consultation. Any input from you such as the type of industry you like him to invest in or any recommendation from you will be incorporated fully in the investment plan.

It is fair to say that your money will grow more steadily unlike a normal saving account. Investing with your local bank stockbroker can be seen as similar to depositing monies over the counter but with the added security of knowing that your cash is with someone who you trust.

On the downside, expect to put your money aside for a longer period of time as is will prove to be a safer form of investment. You must talk about all investment options that is available to you at your disposable with your stock broker in terms of risk management and how long you will be tied with the investment. It is a good investment strategy to combine your investment portfolio by picking different industries and do sample investments by investing small and once you are happy with which industry is ideal for you and you may then invest further.

You may decide to trade on commodities such as sugar, manufacturing products such as steel or perhaps follow a long term investment strategy to buying high value shares into companies with multi-national operations such as Shell Oils, Virgin Group, or Tata Group. Try to remember that penny shares are most volatile and most likely to lose you funds, however, it does provide 100 per cent or sometimes more return on your investments.

When you decide to sell your shares you will not have to pay commission but again you need to shop around with the high street banks. My personal recommendation is try out seeking initial advice from HSBC Bank because not only they care about your money to grow they also have a system in place which adapts to your personal financial needs. You must make sure you see the right person not the receptionist.

In the ever growing world of investment opportunities it is likely that your best financial aide is more closer than you envisage, so don't underestimate. Stay local and prosper.

About the author: Ayna Miah is the author of the popular e-book "Stock Brokers: Who are they and what do they do".He knows stock brokerage industry secrets both inside and out. Now he wants to share his profitable knowledge with you.Discover the insider tips, techniques and secrets that will turn you into a Successful Stock Broker and even if you have no experience whatsoever.


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