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Western Canada Lottery - Become A Winner Today!

Western Canada lottery has two games with the largest payouts in the world. These games are Lotto Super 7 and Lotto 6/49. Needless to say, this is the one true reason why many people are opting to stake large betting money on these. Some of the payouts reach the 3 million dollar mark easily and that still does not include all earnings in regards to the 5-number, 4-number and 3-number hits.

Aside from the designated amount for the pot money per draw, the stakes are upped further by the large volume of lotto patrons who are also haphazardly betting on random numbers and a lot of random numbers, at that especially when the pot money has not been won for a relatively long stretch of time.

Technically, lotto is supposed to be played randomly. But what most people do not know is that there are just numbers and number combinations that appear on winning tickets more. As such, there are already fair numbers of lotto players who have discovered on how to bet on these winning shots successfully each and every time they play. So if you really want to take home the pot money in any of the games in the near future or at the very least, earn decent payouts in the Western Canada lottery, you might want to subscribe to these tips.
1. The first thing you have to remember is this: not all seemingly random number combinations are indeed random. A play of balanced set of number combinations account to most of the winning tickets. This means that betting on your familys birthdays, or the number of your cars plate numbers (past and present,) or a combination of the lucky locker numbers you have been harboring since childhood may work.

But what you really want are numbers combinations that you know for certain will get a strike about 75% to 80% of the time. Choose your numbers and number combinations carefully. And yes, avoid the lucky pick option like the plague. No one ever wins with from lucky pick selection in the lottery.

2. People very often do not look at past winning number combinations. But if you are planning on getting your hands on the pot money anytime soon, you might want to seriously research on past selections especially the ones that have already been drawn.

Incredibly, people bet on already drawn number combinations about 44% of the time. That is not a particularly wise move since the chances of these combinations being drawn again will be after 134,459 years. Unless you are planning on betting that long, skip the already won numbers in your next few plays.

3. Use as much lotto winning strategies as you can muster per game. Lotto is all about betting on the right numbers at the right moment. It is never about betting on the most playing tickets that your wallet can afford during playing time.

There are loads of lotto winning strategies being offered for free in the World Wide Web like: odd-even / high-low strategies, skipped strategies, hot / cold number plays, balanced sum plays; selecting group play strategies, and a lot more. Try to utilize two, or more, or all of these strategies the next time you play. A little effort on your part may yield huge paybacks.

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