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Dubai, the capital city of UAE, and arguably the most advanced city in the Gulf and the most popular career destination for the foreign workforce that comes into the Gulf. While there is no dearth of job opportunities in Dubai for experienced and qualified foreign workforce across various sectors, the industry that has become the hot favorite of expatriates is the tourism industry. Dubai is a very popular tourist spot and each year, lakhs of tourists come to Dubai on business and leisure. To cater to such a large inflow of tourists, the tourism industry in Dubai is quite developed. Hence, there are a large number of tourism jobs in Dubai that are up for grabs. Tourism industry in Dubai has grown exponentially and jobs across functions are available in this industry.

Since the number of tourism job vacancies in Dubai is so high, finding a high-paying job in any of the various streams should not be a tough task for any deserving candidate. From hotels to aviation to international travel agencies, all require trained workforce to fill posts at various levels. There are especially bright chances for those who possess experience and exposure in the international hospitality industry. Such candidates are quickly absorbed by companies looking to recruit the best talent. The tourism industry in Dubai caters to high-end travelers as well as budget travelers too but the city seeks to provide world-class facilities to its visitors and therefore, the demand for foreign workforce is so high in the tourism industry in Dubai.

To accommodate the increasing traffic of travelers to the city, Dubai has also seen a surge in the construction of offices, hotels, shopping malls, business centers etc in the city. Real estate and infrastructure wise too, Dubai has seen a great amount of development happening in the city over the last decade. This has given a boost to the hospitality industry and opened up many jobs. Since all positions cannot be filled up by locals, foreign workforce is increasingly hired to fill positions. These job vacancies are advertised in newspapers, on job portals and through local recruitment agencies. One can apply through any of these mediums. There is information about job vacancies listed on the company websites too.

If you wish to take up a job in a hotel, there is a plethora of options in front of you. Depending upon your qualification and experience, you can apply for jobs in different departments eg, in restaurant or the catering division, in front office, in housekeeping, in managerial positions, in supervisory positions and even in the accounts department. For senior jobs, you would have to meet a basic minimum level of qualification and experience. There are jobs for skilled labour force too. Thus, people across diverse functions can hope to find hotel jobs in Dubai.

Other than these, you can also find jobs in the aviation industry. Cabin crew, air hostesses, pilots, porters, ticketing staff etc are hired by various airlines operating to and fro Dubai. Also, there are jobs with international travel agencies that organize trips in and out of Dubai these agencies hire experienced professionals who can guide the customers and urge them to buy the services offered by the agency.

Depending upon your interest, you can short list job vacancies that you would want to apply to and then start the application procedure. You can apply directly for tourism jobs in Dubai or you can also go through the recruitment agencies. Be sure to apply through certified and registered employment agencies only as there are a lot of fraudsters operating in this field. Once you have finalized your options, you must do more research on the profile of the job, the culture and work environment in Dubai and also the kind of lifestyle that the city will offer you.

When you get a job offer, you must study your contract in detail to avoid any confusion later on. Get a clear picture of what is being offered and whether it includes your accommodation charges, relocation charges, healthcare insurance etc or not. Though hotel and hospitality jobs in Dubai are quite high-paying, you must ascertain in detail what is being offered by your employer. With all this preparation and research, you are sure to find a good tourism job in Dubai.

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