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Betty asks…

I need help on getting tuition fee refund!?

Hi, I’m looking for a way to get my tuition fee refund from TDSB.
I’m a visa student in Canada and I attended York Mills C.I. (high school)
The school hasn’t started yet and I am supposed to be gr.11 in this September.
I’ve read the refund policy of TDSB and I’m kinda confused about these two statements:
1. A full refund, less the administration fee ($500.00), will be granted if Citizenship and Immigration Canada does not issue the Study Permit.
2. Two-thirds (⅔) of the tuition fee will be refunded, if the student has not applied for a Study Permit and has withdrawn the application prior to the commencement of school.
I have the Study Permit which is available until 2012 or 2013. I got the extension 2 years ago tho…
so I’m wondering which one I can be applied to. Oh, also, I have never tried for immigration or citizenship. I really need to get the refund.. I will appreciate all of your answers!! Thank you.

Diana answers:

It sounds like you don’t qualify for either one of them, which means no refund… You shouldn’t have applied for the Study Permit, if you had not, you would qualify for the refund.
John asks…

Canadian passport application urgent service?

i saw this on the passport canada website:
Urgent pick-up serivice,pay an additional fee of$70 you will be able to receive your new passport Within 24 hours, , You must provide proof of travel.
can I trust that? anyone has experience with the urgent service? as I had bad experiences with canadian public services..
my oath of citizenship is 14th Dec, which is a friday, and I am planning to apply for my passport in person either right after the service or on monday, so I could travel on the 19th Dec, wednesday!
I live in london, ON, would applying in TO more efficient?
thx…I am really confused now I needa pay for my air ticket asap
yes its from the passport canada websote…what hesitates me is the efficiency of canadian government services…

Diana answers:

I don’t believe that kind of stuff i see on internet until i am fully sure that the site is maintained by government authorities. I think this might be fraud or the passport might not be original. I recommend talking to the Canadian Immigration Embassy about this.
Lisa asks…

Planning a move to Toronto in 3 years. Can you help?

So, here is the deal. My partner is in school currently for film production, edition, etc.
I am about to begin a really great job as the head instructor and chair of the massage therapy program at a university.
Our goal is to begin preparing for our move to Toronto around 2014.
I filled out a questionnaire online, and according to my history, and estimation after this next three years, we will qualify for citizenship with the points system (about 74 points).
So, that is our plan, here are some questions.
-Do we need to be legal domestic partners in the US in order to qualify together within this point system?
-I read that it is about $1500 per application for canadian citizenship. Is that correct, and/or are there more fees that I’m unaware of?
-Does Massage Therapy fall under occupational therapist in Canada?
-Can anybody give me an accurate depiction of how the massage therapy field is in Canada? Specifically Toronto? I am a very clinical therapist, and here it is treated in a very spa sense, and there is much prostitution. It sounds from what I’m reading, that massage is more respected in canada, but I don’t know about the prostitution issues…are there any?
-After I obtain a Canadian social (security?) number, do they stop checking my america credit?
-Can Someone give me an overview of life in Toronto. I currently live in San Jose, CA, and it seems somewhat comparable. I have two dogs and a cat and I’m gay….am I going to have issues???? Also, anything else about Toronto is greatly appreciated.
-Can Someone give me a realistic idea of the yearly weather…I’m originally from Indiana, and Toronto is NEAR that area….but much more north. I’m not a huge winter fan….what do I have in store for me?
-We love the beach….does that exist AT ALL?? or is it just lakes? What about the sun? Pollution?
I don’t necessarily expect one person to answer every question, but if you would like to try, please feel free!!! I appreciate the feedback.
I want to say, that I respect what I have heard about Canada, and we are very much looking forward to this transition. I love the value that the country has in their people. I’m growing more and more dissatisfied with America, and kind of ashamed, which is very sad.

Diana answers:

Lots of questions there. I’ll try.
Check the Citizenship & Immigration Canada website again. I am pretty sure I’ve read there that you don’t need to be legal partners as long as you can prove a relationship of a certain length.
I don’t know if there are more fees. I suspect there are.
Massage therapists, the genuine therapeutic kind, are considered “alternate therapy” practitioners. Their services are not covered for most people under provincial health plans but are usually covered to some extent by private extended care plans which many people have as part of their job benefits. Those plans are specifically for things not covered by provincial plans. In order for a person to have massage therapy covered, the practitoner has to be a Registered Massage Therapist. You’d be wise to check with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario to see how your professional qualifications will transfer. A friend of mine is currently studying in BC and she has been told that her BC degree will take her anywhere in Canada but training in another province doesn’t transfer so easily to BC because BC standards are quite high.
Edit: I mean she is studying to become an RMT. I didn’t make that clear.
And yes, we have the “other” kind of massage sevices here, the ones you get just for pleasure. They don’t need any qualifications. They just need to put an ad in the paper. Anyone looking for genuine therapy looks for an RMT.
Your credit record will follow you everywhere these days. You might not qualify for a mortgage in Canada until you have a Candian track record.
You’ll probably find Toronto’s weather not that much different from Indiana. It’s further north, but the lake has a moderating influence. Summer can be hot, winter can be downright cold at times, and there will be snow. Some years not much, but it will be there. Summer is usually sunny but you get strong storms in summer sometimes, with thunder and lightning and all that. I haven’t been to California but from what I hear Toronto probably doesn’t have pollution as bad, but it is a big city.
There are beaches around Toronto, particularly nice ones on Toronto Island(with a clothing-optional beach area at Hanlan’s Point), and there are some really excellent beaches on Lake Huron not all that far away. Toronto’s waterfront is quite accessible to the public, which is very nice.
And don’t think of Lake Ontario as “just a lake”. You can’t see the other side from ground level in Toronto, and it can be just as violent as an ocean.
You might have issues renting a house or apartment with two dogs and a cat, but no one is going to care if you’re gay. Very few Canadians care what someone’s sexual orientation is, and in a big city you will not stick out at all. Toronto has a pretty active gay/lesbian community. Vocal, too. Toronto has some excellent parks within the city that are good places to walk a dog. Check the Ontario landlord/tenant stuff. They can have a “no pets” policy but cannot evict you for having one unless it bothers other tenants. Kind of a weird law.
Toronto is a city with a very livable downtown, lots of people living right next to business districts, lots of nice old houses in some areas. Transit is very good. Many people don’t have a car at all, or if they do they only use it for getting out of town on the weekends. My brother and his wife do that. They rarely take the car anywhere on a weekday.
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