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Working In Damascus, The city Of Jasmin

Damascus, the Syrian capital is on a developmental path after years of political and economic disturbances. This historical city whose name first appeared in the geographical list in the 15th century is believed to mean a well-watered place. An important trading center from ages, its economy is now coming out of the conservative bounds and exploring other possible areas for overall growth of the economy. This exploration needs to be supported by the skilled manpower which is recruited from all over the world. Jobs in Damascus are emerging as the preferred choice for many with large scale restoration of the long lost city.

According to historians, it is among the worlds oldest continuously inhabited city that has probably been occupied since 6300 BC. If one goes by the reports released by the Central Bureau of Statistics in Syria, the population of Damascus in the year 2009 was nearly 5 million. Most of the people came to the city as a consequence to rural urban migration that has been occurring ever since it came into being. The cities of Duma, Darayya, Harasta, Jaramana and Al-Tall are included in the metropolitan areas of Damascus. Since it has been evolving in terms of political power, economy and population, it is difficult to get the right estimates of its population. But this is true that with growing numbers of jobs in Damascus, its population is all set to grow manifold in the coming years and decades.

Middle East is dream come true for millions as it offers colossal money and high standard lifestyle in just a short time. Expatriates are paid three to four times for the same kind of work of what they are paid in their native countries. It is the same for jobs in Damascus as qualified and experienced professionals offer their expertise in return for the handsome salaries. But, it is very important to know few things about the country one is migrating to for work either alone or with family. It includes conducting research on lifestyle, legal laws, religion, code of conduct, culture, etc., followed in the new place as it makes the stay easier. This article throws some light on some of the important facts one needs to know before moving to Damascus.

The historical importance, etymology, demographics, population and career scope have been already discussed in brief. Let us now take a quick look at the climate, religion, education system, transportation, etc. followed; the historical sites and the expected progress in coming years. Working in Damascus is sure to be an enriching experience once expectations are set right.

-Before accepting jobs in Damascus, one should know if he can adjust with the semi arid climate of the place. Summers are mostly less humid, dry and hot while winters are mild and even rainy or snowy.

-The religion predominantly followed in the city is Islamic with that of 75% Muslims, over 15% Christians and around 10% Jews. There are more than 2,000 mosques, large number of churches and some ancient Jewish presence from the Roman times.

-Damascus is the education capital of Syria with several secondary institutions and universities in the city. Some of the universities are Damascus University, Syrian Virtual University, Arab International University and others.

-Damascus is well connected to nearby areas via airport, railways, buses and the project for Metro is in the pipeline. There are many plans coming up to extend transport network of the city mainly by the year 2050.

All the information on working of economy and infrastructure will definitely make your job in Damascus a worthwhile experience.

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