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What Jobs Can I Get With a Bachelors of Science Degree?

Today it is more important than ever to understand your career options before you graduate from college. This is particularly true when you are interested in a career in science. While most of the research and high paying jobs in science will require a master's degree or a Ph.D., there are several entry level science jobs that only require a bachelor's degree in a science subject.

Science Teacher

The first career that you can start with a bachelors of science degree is a teaching career. The qualifications for full time science teachers are going to vary by state, however, generally you will need a bachelors of science degree and some education and child development coursework. You will then need to get your teaching license. If your state requires an advanced degree in order to be a full time teacher, you can still earn money as a substitute teacher while you pursue a higher degree.

Lab Assistant

If you are interested in a career in research and development then you can look into becoming a lab assistant. This is an entry level science position that will involve supportive tasks like collecting, labeling and organizing samples, completing paperwork, answering phones, cleaning the lab and assisting the laboratory's lead scientists. This is a great way to work your way up in the ranks when you only have a bachelor's degree.

Forensic Scientist

If forensics is your cup of tea then you can look into a career as a forensic scientist. You can get an entry level job at a forensics lab or with a police department with just a bachelor's degree. In this situation there may be state and employer specific requirements for each job. Common job duties for an entry level forensic scientist will include collecting evidence, cataloguing evidence, running tests and writing reports, as well as providing support functions for higher level scientists.

Computer Programmer

If your area of science focus was computer programming then you will qualify for many entry level programming positions when you graduate from a bachelors of science program. You can develop websites, you can debug software programs or you can test programs for function and problems. You can also work as a customer service representative or a technical support representative.


Entry level engineer positions can also be obtained with just a bachelor level degree in science. These positions will usually have job duties that are primarily supportive in nature, but this is not always the case. The best way to transition to a high paying engineering career is to get an internship that allows you to gain professional experience with a company that is in an industry that interests you.

Medical Careers

There are many medical positions that only require a bachelors of science degree or less in a particular medical function. For example, you can get a bachelor's degree in nursing, in phlebotomy or in the operation of imaging technology. All of these careers offer a great salary and there is a high demand for these professionals. Usually you will need to go to a technical or specialty school to get a medical technician or nursing degree.

About the author: If you are looking for a career that utilizes microscopes or a career that utilizes computers, you need to start planning ahead while you are still in school. One way to do this is to complete career specific science fair projects. These will help you to figure out what careers you are best suited for.


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