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Nancy asks…

How long does it take to secure a temporary work permit for Canada as a U.S. citizen?

I’m going to apply for a temporary work permit for Canada as US citizen. I already have a job offer. I am curious to know if anyone has done this themselves as opposed to using an immigration expediency service. Are there any tips I should utilize to ensure a successful interview with the Canadian immigration office and how long the process takes from interview to hopefully acceptance! Thanks!

Diana answers:

Here’s the procedure. It’s going to take a while, even with a job offer. Has your future employer done the paperwork his end to prove that there are no Canadians who could do this job?
Ruth asks…

does immigration canada consider me a resident if I work as TN in the U.S, do I satisfy residency requirement?

does immigration canada consider me a resident for immigration purposes if I work as TN in the U.S. I want to sponsor my wife from abroad, I am a Cdn citizen and have a house in Canada, do I quit my job in the U.S. and go back to live in Canada. I don’t like to quit my job yet until my wife arrives and is already working because I have a mortgage to pay.When my wife arrives in Canada I will go home to her every week. I do not have intention to live in U.S. permanently, when my wife arrives and already working in Canada, then I will quit my job in the U.S. and look for a job in Canada to live with her permanently.

Diana answers:

A Canadian citizen who is living outside Canada can sponsor his/her spouse for Canada PR, as long as he/she shows intention to move to Canada as soon as the PR application approved. As quoted from the sponsor application guide (from first reference below):
Canadian citizens not residing in Canada may sponsor their spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner and/or dependent children who have no dependent children of their own. Canadians travelling abroad as tourists are not considered to be residing outside Canada.
Sponsors not residing in Canada must provide evidence that they reside exclusively outside Canada on the date of giving the undertaking and will reside in Canada at the time their sponsored spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner and/or children become permanent residents of Canada.
please read other references as well, including one link to a forum specialized in Canada immigration through spousal sponsorship.
Laura asks…

Canada immigration?!?

OK, I have trie looking for immigration details to canada, but can’t really find what I want. Someone out there must know…..how do I, an american citizen, go about immigrating to canada? What, if any, type of entry visa do I need?(didn’t they start making everyone have entry visas??) Is there a specific type of visa to get, so that I can switch things over to immigrant status? What else do I need to do besides that? I’ve looked at the skilled worker program qualification, and seeing as I’m a nurse you think it would be no big deal…..but all jobs I’ve found want me to have a SIN number first. Sorry guys if I seem dumb, but I am tired of searching around and not getting what i want. Thanks!!!!!
Oh, just t add….should have remembered this the first go-round. I don’t have anyone to sponsor me in Canada. I’m depending on my job skills(see above mentioned :) ) I’m also married, though my husband holds citizenship in a foreign country. Don’t know if that makes any difference there guys.

Diana answers:

Hey Nafissa….. I can totally help you out. I am a Canadian, and I found the official Government of Canada’s Immigration website for you…. (see link below).
A SIN number is a Social Insurance Number, and I’m sure that you have the American version – the Social Security Card.
I wish you all the best, and if you have any more questions, just look on the Canadian website (it’s the second source I’ve listed) – it will have all the link to all the provinces and territories (and they in turn to the different health regions that they oversee).
Good luck!
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