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David asks…

does canada has a diversity immigrant visa program like the american green card lottery ?

i’m wondering if canada has an immigration visa program like the american lottery program ?? please if you know something inform me.

Diana answers:

I’m afraid not. While we do have thousands of immigrants who apply to come to Canada each year, our government handles each case independently and evaluates them based on a “points” system. If you are fluent in one of the two official languages here (English, French), then you get so many points. Fluent in both languages? Get some more points. Have a job lined up? More points. Have family here? More points. And so on. After evaluating your application, they add up how many points you obtained and if that number exceeds the amount you need to qualify, then you are permitted to immigrate.
Canada has three or four categories that are used for immigration, and they are essentially like this:
1) Skilled Worker. If a company needs a person with your skills and cannot find a Canadian who is already here to take the job, they are allowed to hire an immigrant for that position.
2) Entrepreneur or Self-Employed. If you have a LOT of money to invest in Canada, then they will let you in to start a business or make investments here. But I think you need something like CAD$800,000 to qualify.
3) Spouse or Family. If you have a relative living in Canada, they can sponsor you to come here to live. This can be done for a spouse, sibling, parent, or child.
4) Refugee. Canada agrees to accept a certain amount of refugees from various countries each year. For example, if you lived in Afghanistan, Libya, or some other wartorn country, and you managed to make it to one of our embassies, you may be able to apply for refugee status and eventually immigrate to Canada. But you normally have to prove that you are at risk of torture or death if you were sent back to your home country.
But there are no spots for immigrants that are simply given out through any lottery program. Anyone who offers that type of immigration to Canada is probably trying to trick you out of your money or to steal your identity.
Maria asks…

Please help! Do they have any Government program in Canada for immigrant DV Lottery, like the United States?

I have been told that there is a DV lottery program in Canada like the United States, I really want to know how true is it.

Diana answers:

This page will help you out friend.
George asks…

Are immigrants moving to Canada get jobs immediately after joining immigrant pilot projects?

Can anyone tell me about this program and where is it available?

Diana answers:

Canadian Immigration Integration Project (CIIP) aims to significantly increase the employment opportunities for aspirants wanting to move to Canada and work there. The program was launched by federal government nearly four years ago and has got a terrific success rate in terms of employment rate for new immigrants.
This is an initiative by Canada government to assist skilled newcomers taste success in faster recognition of their foreign credentials leading to success in Canada job market has led to a stupendous increase in the jobs rate for new immigrants.
Best part of this immigrant initiative by Canada immigration department –CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) – is that the program is available to potential immigrants right in their native nations even before they have actually moved to Canada. This is to ensure better jobs for immigrants after their arrival in Canada.
This new pre-arrival Canada immigrant program thus paves the way for successful settlement of immigrants coming in Canada. It significantly reduce the percentage of newcomers arriving in Canada oblivious of the job requirements here.
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