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Hilarious Call Center Jokes

Everyone needs a laugh from time to time and what a great way to get the crowd laughing by telling some hilarious call center jokes. If you are searching for great jokes to tell the crowd at the call center to lighten the mood when times get stressful, the Internet is a great source where you can find many funny stories to make everyone laugh. You do have to be careful that you do not tell off-color jokes that may insult your coworkers. You also have to careful of those that are clearly gender biased and those that display racial prejudice. This is because many call centers are now located in different countries of the world. For example, one of the major Canadian airlines has its call center located in Bombay, India.

Some jokes related to call centers are actual conversations that took place between the customers and the agents. These stories may seem like they have been made up, but with so many people not having a good understanding of technology, when call centers first became popular, the conversations actually did take place. There are stories specific to a particular industry, which is why there are so many different ones available.

Examples of actual conversations that took place between call center agents and their customers include:

* Agent: Madam, can you tell me what is on your desktop right now?

Customer: I have the keyboard and a pen and some paper.

Agent: No, madam, your desktop is your computer screen. What is showing on the screen on your computer?

Customer: Nothing. I haven turned on the computer yet today.

* Agent: Mrs. Smith, I am calling today about your cell phone bill. Are you aware that your account is overdue?

Mrs. Smith: Oh, what a nice young man you are? Your Momma must be so proud of you to have such a good job.

Agent: Yes, Ma'm. However, we are going to have to cut off your cell phone service if you don't pay the amount owing on your bill.

Mrs. Smith: Young man, do you ever borrow money from your Momma?

Agent: That is not what we are talking about here, Mrs. Smith. We are talking about the money you owe for making telephone calls on your cell phone.

Mrs. Smith: What is a cell phone?

Agent: it's the small telephone you carry in your purse.

Mrs. Smith: Really. I did'n know that. So that a telephone. My how times have changed!

Agent: Are you going to pay your bill, Mrs. Smith?

Mrs. Smith: Well, first I have to find my purse. I can remember where I put it. Then I can look

for my cell phone.

Agent: I am calling you on your cell phone, Mrs. Smith.

Mrs. Smith. Well I'll be! I have to hang up now young man, but it was nice talking to you. Why don't you call me again when you want to have another chat?

As you can see from these conversations, work is sometimes very frustrating for call center workers, so humor is essential in this line of work.

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