Employment in Toronto

The National Job Fair in Toronto - in English, The National Job Fair And Training Expo - Toronto - has been for the eleventh year a resounding success and is gradually emerging as the biggest job fair of Canada.

More than 6 000 jobs, 160 recruiters, 60 sectors represented and nearly 9,000 visitors over two days. This eleventh edition of the National Job Fair in Toronto has broken all records. Installed on 25 and 26 September at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, the job fair offered again this year great opportunities in this area.

The show focuses on employment, career and training and offers as such, through the many exhibitors, job offers, but also training and professional advice. Is also offered visitors a help in job search for free assistance and advice on the subject.

"The public comes to the fair is composed largely of job seekers, but we also see many people wanting to change careers or area that come and seek training and new opportunities," says Daniel Levesque , creator and organizer of the fair.

Over 65% of visitors are in the age group 25-45 years. The first customer of the salon has the profile of workers already established in a career and looking for prospects. However, the market for 45-55 years seems to be developing over the years: "The extension of the life led some workers to consider following their career after 50 years. They are looking for new opportunities.Employers, in turn, can benefit from a qualified and experienced personnel. "

This year, twenty-two new exhibitors - mainly from the Greater Toronto Area - were added to the offer by the show, an increase of 31%. The main market is so direct in the region of Toronto, but the northern Ontario and other provinces of the country are also represented among employers. "For the first time, we had a special space for recruiters came from Alberta. It is therefore possible to find a job in the country through the living room! "

One of the advantages of this job fair is undoubtedly to provide jobs in 60 different sectors. To reach more visitors, multisectoral is also a good way for recruiters to find candidates in all areas of their business. In recent years, certain areas tend to prevail, such as information technology, engineering, sales or finance.

And the cocktail seems to work: "Every year, dozens of job seekers leave the salon with a service date and sometimes even an employment contract," Some recruiters are organizing in fact directly talks to the show, to select the best candidates in mind for future hiring.

If the vast majority of employers still speaking, Daniel Levesque would like to get the message of openness to the French: "More and more recruiters are looking for bilingual employees, it is a real need today the labor market in Ontario.We seek to raise our visibility in Francophone communities and tell them they are welcome at the show. "

With more than encouraging results of this year's edition is now into new markets that would expand the living room, with perhaps in the years ahead of other job fairs in the cities of Ottawa,London and Vancouver. "Another show - for adults and students - has emerged in Montreal a few years ago and we are looking to extend the model to other cities and why not the United States."