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Responsibilities of Staff Nurse Jobs

The responsibilities of staff nurses reach out far and wide across the medical discipline. Staff nurses can be called RGN or RMN, as based on the field they belong to. For example, RMN stands for Registered Mental Nurse, or those who work in the psychiatric or mental health field. RGN, on the other hand, stands fro Registered General Nurse, or staff nurses that can work without specific specializations. Aside from different areas of specialization, staff nurses can also work in various settings. They can work in home or the community health field, which means that they work in community clinics. Or they can also work in hospitals. Staff nurses who work in hospitals can choose from amongst plenty of options. They can choose to work in the In-Patient Unit, the Out-Patient Unit, the Intensive Care Unit, and so on. With every specialization or area of expertise that staff nurses choose, the responsibilities may differ. However, staff nurses, in general, handle typical responsibilities that are very important to their specific areas.

The core of the staff nurse's job is to provide nursing care to those who need it. A staff nurse becomes responsible for the well-being of the patient when he is under the nurse's watch. Providing nursing care also involves the regular check ups or monitoring of the patient's statistics and condition, and to report the same to the correct people. Aside from that, staff nurses are also responsible for the provision of treatments to the patients. These treatments usually require a certain schedule and should be completed to obtain any effects. This implies that the responsibility of the staff nurse to regularly provide treatment to the patients is very important and plays a key role in the overall recovery of any patient. As the treatments are being done, it is also important for the staff nurses to be able to explain it to the patients in the right way. It follows, then, that a nurse should also understand the treatments so they will be able to apply them properly. Staff nurses, especially RGN's, should immerse themselves in every aspect of nursing care to be able to do their job the right way.

Aside from providing nursing care, staff nurses also have other responsibilities on the side. Staff nurses usually work within a group or team. These groups are responsible for the planning and implementation of nursing care policies for the benefit of patients. It is the team's responsibility to evaluate ongoing practices and implement changes as necessary, to improve the nursing care provided by the clinic or hospital. These teams are led by senior officers such as Senior Staff Nurses, who supervises the overall performance of the staff nurses and of the team.

On their own, however, staff nurses have more responsibilities. It is also their responsibility to gather information and learn about the medical history of patients that come under their care. Staff nurses should treat each patient as a separate study, wherein they have to understand the health of the patient as thoroughly as they can. And just as it is their responsibility to report findings and observations to those in the higher levels of hierarchy in the medical field, it is also their duty to relay information to the relatives of the patients. Finally, staff nurses also have administrative tasks, such as the completion of paperwork and reports.

Although staff nurses have plenty of responsibilities, a lot of people still choose to become staff nurses because the benefits simply make the completion of the responsibilities all worth it.

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