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Benefits of Holding an Australian Permanent Residence

Becoming an Australian Permanent Resident is one of the biggest dreams of most Australian Immigrants who are only staying temporarily in Australia. This is for the fact that there are certain privileges and rights that they could receive once they are granted to have an Australian Permanent Residence Visa. Through holding this visa, one of the main benefits that they will enjoy is having unrestricted rights to live and stay in Australia. This means that they are allowed to leave and re-enter Australia as long as the visa is still valid and effective despite of not having citizenship. Furthermore, the length of stay in Australia is also indefinite unlike with other Australian Visas such as Tourist Visas and Working Holiday Visas which only give immigrants up to 1 year for their stay and need to leave Australia before that period ends. Unless there are some cases of criminal records or failure to comply with other immigration rules, the validity of permanent residence visa will usually last up to five years starting from the date it is granted. But even though this visa has reached its initial expiry, the holder can still have the privilege to remain in Australia indefinitely without breaking the immigration rules and regulations.

As part of Australian Governments primary insurance package, Australian Permanent Residents are also entitled to receive free Medical Care and after fulfilling two years holding a permanent residence, they will soon enjoy the social security benefits. Aside from these benefits, they are also given with rights to sponsor their relatives. However they must meet the PR criteria and complete the needed requirements or support legal documents before they become eligible to sponsor their family. With regards to their employment career, they have also rights to secure any profession in any Australian employers or even entering government positions. However, employment in the Australian Public Service or Defense forces is only restricted to Australian Citizens.

Australian Permanent Residents are also eligible to becoming Australian Citizens since holding a Permanent Residence (PR) may lead them to full Australian citizenship. This is another great incentive for them after they have continuously lived in Australia for two years and have also complied with certain requirements issued to them. Once they are granted to become full citizens, they will enjoy great benefits including an access to free or subsidized education, legal as well as to health services. Full Citizens are also given the opportunity to vote in State and local government elections because some states allow them specifically those from Commonwealth of Nation. However, they do not have the right to vote in Federal Elections.

Indeed, immigration to Australia is truly a dream for most immigrants, and for those already living in this country, becoming a permanent resident or an Australian Full Citizen is the best reward that they could receive because of its privileges and rights. So if you're one of those immigrants who also dream to live permanently in Australia, there are two programs that grant permanent residency to choose from. These are Migration Program which is mainly for Skilled Migrants and Humanitarian Program which is for refugees seeking permanent residency.

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