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Disney Channel Auditions for Kids

We all know that most child actors end up having very successful acting careers in Hollywood. One of the most accomplished child stars is Drew Barrymore who launched her career as a child star and ended up being one of the biggest movie stars. Another successful actress who started off in Disney channels is Jessica Alba who launched her career in 1994 in the TV show "camp nowhere". The first step to get your child started is through the Disney channel auditions for kids.

Your child needs to get prepared for the Disney channel auditions for kids before the actual auditioning date. They can do this by sharpening their acting skills or talents, attending acting classes or working on their communication skills.

To help your child prepare for the Disney channel auditions for kids, you need to do extensive research first. You can carry out online research, read books or talk to other parents who have child actors. This will help you prepare your child by knowing what to expect during the auditions. The resources will also equip you with information such as, how to prepare a beginners actor's resume and cover letter, how to make an audition video and even child work permit information for immigrants. The acting auditions for Disney channels may not be the only way to land acting roles in Disney but they are a great platform to get you started.

You also need to scout for the Disney channel auditions for kids in your local area, or hire an agent who will help you get the audition dates and schedule for your child. If you decide to scout for the auditions yourself, one of the places you can do this is online. There are websites that normally have a listing for the Disney channels auditions. Once you identify a show that you would like to audition for, ensure that you confirm the time and the date for audition. If it is not in your area, make advance travel arrangements.

Remember, your child may not be in a position to memorize their lines for the Disney channel auditions for kids. However, they may be allowed to read their lines from the script. An important tip is to show your child how to do this and at the same time, look up from the page and make eye contact. They should also learn how to be audible enough without having to shout. You should ensure that your child is well rested before the audition.
Remember children are not the same as adults, you child may have high energy or very low energy during the audition. Do not be annoyed with them; yelling and acting frustrated will not assist them. The casting directions understand that they are just kids so they are very patient with them. Actually, don't even stay in the room during your child's Disney channel auditions for kids. Simply wish them luck and wait outside the room. If your child doesn't land the role, be supportive and keep in mind that there will be other opportunities.

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