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The average salary for an accountant in the UK will depend upon the location and the area and sector of accountancy.

A qualified accountant in the UK could expect to earn on average from 51,000 per annum.

An accountant working in a private practice could expect to earn from 48,000 per annum, accountants' working in banking would earn from 57,000 per annum. Corporate Finance accountants' could earn from around 57,000 per annum.

Some of the top earners of the accountancy pay scale are:

  • Executive level accountants in excess of - 70,000 per annum;
  • Finance directors from - 85,000 per annum;
  • Fraud & Forensic accountants from - 69,000 per annum;
  • Financial Services accountants from - 61,000 per annum.
  • External Auditors earn in excess of 55,000 per annum, whereas an Internal auditor could expect to earn from 57,000 per annum;
  • Finance Managers earn in excess of 49,000 per annum;
  • Financial accountants from 43,000 per annum;
  • Financial Controllers start from 53,000 per annum;
  • Financial Services Accountants from 61,000 per annum;
  • Group accountants salaries from 54,000 per annum;
  • Management accountants start from 39,700 per annum;
  • Project Accountants earn from 58,000 per annum;
  • Public Sector Finance accountants earn from 59,000 per annum;
  • Tax Accountants salaries will be from 56,000 per annum;
  • Treasury accountants from 55,000 per annum;
  • Specialist VAT accountants' start from 54,000 per annum;
  • Cost accountants from 47,000 per annum.

The above are all based on UK averages.

Many accountants go further a field to secure positions working for top UK employers based at various locations worldwide. For instance a job for a firm in Texas, USA would offer in excess of 73000 per annum along with company benefits and a qualified accountant working for a Spanish organisation could expect to earn in excess of 32k per annum.

Qualified accountants have the opportunity to work in any country in the world and it is also one of the highest paid careers worldwide.

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