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Benefits of Choosing a Radiology Career

The benefits of choosing a radiology career are numerous, and there is currently a great demand for these medical professionals. Whether you choose to go into diagnostic medical sonography and ultrasound, general radiology or nuclear radiology, you will be in a personally rewarding career with a good salary and many job options.

The salary is one of the most notable benefits of choosing a radiology career. The median salary for sonographers in the three professional categories is just under ,000 a year, and there are opportunities for higher pay with experience and advancement into management positions. This is an average of per hour plus extra pay for overtime or on-call assignments.

The side range of choices is another benefit of becoming a radiologist, especially if you go into general radiology. General radiologists and radiology technicians use computed tomography magnetic resonance imaging, mammography and x-ray technology to create images of the inside of the human body to treat illnesses and view fetuses. You can also go into diagnostic medical sonography or nuclear radiology later on if you choose. To become a diagnostic medical sonographer or ultrasound technician you need at least an associate's degree, and to become a nuclear medicine specialist, the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board must license you.

Like most medical professions, jobs in the radiology field are highly in demand, so there are many opportunities to find work once you get your education. There are associate's and bachelor's degree programs at traditional colleges as well as online universities, which are followed by clinical courses and certification. Once you have all the necessary qualifications, you can find work in hospitals, clinics, private doctor's offices and other care facilities. Your job will help to make people's lives better by diagnosing and treating illnesses.

There are other benefits of choosing a radiology career you get to wear comfortable scrubs to work every day rather than getting dressed up in an uncomfortable suit, for example. Most radiology professionals are also provided with full medical, dental and vision benefits, and many are offered retirement savings plans and other perks. It is a career well worth looking into.

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