Immigrants In Canada 2010

Paul asks…

I’m going to Canada, February 2010.Immigrant. With the winter weather in, is it safe to travel from RP?

What tips can you give as far as winter wear is concerned?

Diana answers:

It depends which part of canada u are going to and what time in febuary our coldest months are usually dec-feb it can get to be -40 with out the windchill but the average is about -25 to -30 and 3 feet of snow. You will want to wear warm winter boots, winter coat, mitts or gloves and a beanie. Im not sure what rp is but we travel all through out the winter if you are comming by plane you might have flight delays because of heavy snow and if you are coming by car you might find that some of the roads are closed because the road is to icy. If your from a warm place it might not be a good idea to drive in the snow and ice untill you’ve had some practice in a parking lot the roads can get to be really dangerous
Sandra asks…

The best freight forwarder in Canada with business in the Philippines?

I would like to send my belongings, books, and wears ahead of my going to Canada, February 2010, this early.Immigrant. Skilled Worker. Family Visa.

Diana answers:

Try Fed EX or UPS, they both ship there, possibly DHL.
Steven asks…

could you please tell me that in 2010 whether i will get immigrant visa of usa or canada?

my name is shahid ali.

Diana answers:

You need to expand on your question by providing more information;
Q. What is your present immigration status?
Q. Do you already have an I-130 petition pending, if so, who petitioned for you and what is their immigration status?
Q. When was the petition submitted?
Information like this may get you a better answer.
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