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How To Immigrate To The Uk

UK is a country that welcomes thousands of immigrants every year. It provides newcomers with jobs, social assistance, housing benefits, and unemployment and child benefits everything that will help them to integrate to the UK society. These are the main reasons why many people around the world want to immigrate to the UK. However, not being familiar with the UK immigration policy, they have a feeling they have very little chances of getting a UK visa. Here are the three most common ways to starting your new life in the UK.

UK immigration to work is probably the largest component of UK immigration policy. It allows skilled workers to practice their professions in the UK. A person who wants to immigrate to the UK as a skilled worker needs to demonstrate s/he speaks and understands English, has a higher education degree and sufficient funds to maintain themselves and their dependants in the UK. The immigration process is simplified if the skilled worker visa applicant has a job offer from a British employer. In this case the employer can sponsor the potential employee by declaring that take full responsibility for this person and their dependants throughout their stay in the UK.

The second route to UK immigration is to apply for a student visa. The student visa allows international students to benefit from the rich UK educational tradition and experience the UK culture and way of life while acquiring a professional degree. UK student visa holders are also allowed to work for a certain amount of hours per week in order to support themselves. To immigrate to the UK as a student, foreign nationals need to present a letter confirming they have been accepted into an accredited UK college or university.

The third immigration route to the UK is the family immigration. It allows foreign nationals with family connections to UK nationals to move and settle permanently in the UK. You can move to UK if you are married to or plan to marry a British citizen or permanent resident. The British immigration authorities also recognize common law and same sex marriages and allow foreign nationals to join their common law or same sex partners in the UK.

Applying for a UK visa can be a difficult and frustrating experience. Government websites are not easy to navigate and it is very easy to become confused in the process. If you fail to fill out the correct application form or pay the correct fee, you might jeopardize your UK immigration. People who want to move to the UK permanently realize that this is a very big change in their lives and it will be beneficial for them, therefore, many feel that they do not want to jeopardize their chances of getting a UK visa and choose the safe route. At our website you can download the correct UK visa application pack and skip the boring government sites. We will tell you which application form to use, how to fill it out, where to submit it and what fees to pay. Using our application pack will give you the peace of mind that you have done your best to secure your UK immigration.

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