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UK Visit Visa

Obtaining a visitor visa to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (United Kingdom) is an arduous and often difficult. I also think it is more difficult to obtain a visitor visa to the United Kingdom from some countries than others and therefore for some nationalities than others, although not officially recognized political Government of the United Kingdom. Poor people in poor countries certainly have a harder time convincing the staff of the Embassy of the United Kingdom to grant a visa to visit the United Kingdom. It is not their personal vendetta, but a reflection of government policy, which in turn is supposed to be a reflection of the views of the majority of the population of the United Kingdom. It's a good idea to keep this in mind when it comes to embassy staff regarding a visa application from the United Kingdom for yourself or a friend.

It is interesting to note here that a British visa (United Kingdom) the visitor is valid for six months and multiple entries in the UK, although in practice, the first citation given is usually limited by a note pinned on the visitor's passport. For example, if you requested a visa to visit UK to visit friends for the month of, say, Mars, you would be granted multiple-entry visa 180 visitors daily in the United Kingdom with a letter signed by you Similarly, pinned on your passport that says you want to visit the UK from March 1st to March 31st and you will not attempt to extend that stay. The visa will also prevent access to "public money" in the United Kingdom - Social Security, unemployment, et cetera.

Most people are denied a visitor visa to the United Kingdom the first time because they do not have strong enough reason to go to the UK. If the reason is to visit a lover, then you have a much better chance if you can prove you had a "relationship will continue for at least six months. At this stage of the procedure, all your efforts should be directed to Validation of the reason for your visit or to prove your relationship.
UK Visit Visa
The developer is therefore the key to success (the first) to try to get a visa to visit Britain. The sponsor must be prepared to act as guarantor for the applicant and the staff of the Embassy would be able to verify the promoter's ability to take care of the applicant. This means that the promoter must provide a letter from his employer attesting continued, stable employment and / or bank book, which proves he has enough money to provide what he / she has undertaken on the visa application form from the United Kingdom, and proof of accommodation in the form of invoices paid local taxes, title or a letter from mortgage provider. Proof of marital status does not appear to be a problem for the proponent or applicant for a visa, even if the question is asked of it.

Some visa applicants are refused for reasons such seemingly strange that "the applicant has never left the country before - it's easier for some to overcome than others. "The applicant has not shown a strong sufficient security, economic or social development in the country" - meaning they do not trust him / her to return to his homeland. A letter from a parent, proof of children and a letter from the applicant's employer can help, even if evidence of the child is not considered a compelling social reason to return! Proof of ownership is useful.

Tip: ask for more time than you need visas for visitors from the United Kingdom is the day it is granted, but you may not be able to get a flight straight away. You'll probably also be required to return to the Embassy of issue of the UK when you return for UK visit visa canceled, after all, is a multiple entry visa, 180 days that could be used to return to the UK without a sponsor knowledge, so try not to get back on a Saturday, unless you want a holiday in the capital.

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