Immigration In Canada From Bangladesh

Ruth asks…

What can a person with an MBA from Bangladesh do in Canada? (related to immigration)?

I was wondering if anyone could give me information on the following:
* What is this person’s likelihood of being granted immigration to Canada?
* Can someone describe the process for me?
* How long could this process take?
* Would this person be able to immediately enter work in his/her field or would they be required to re-do their graduate or even undergraduate degree(s)?
Thanks in advance! If you need more information, let me know!

Diana answers:

First of all, It is not true that an immigration lawyer will decrease your waiting time, that’s totally untrue. It would make your life easier somehow, but won’t give you any priority or shorter delays. Besides you can do the papers yourself.
1. *What is this person’s likelihood of being granted immigration to Canada?
If you have visited Canada or live in Canada you will have even more points, if you wish to immigrate as skilled Immigrant.
You are profesional and if you have years of experience your chances of getting the Permanent resident are very high.
2. *Can someone describe the process for me?
There are different immigrations schemes for Canada.
One of them is Family integration, if you have close relatives like parents, or brothers, sisters, husband or a fiancee they might be able to sponsor your application.
Another method is if you are a business investor. You must have more than 250K and willing to invest that money in a business. You can’t invest in real state, i.e. Buy a house.
The third one is the Skilled Immigrant program. If you have a degree, you speak well English or/and French and have some years of experience this might give you a chance.
This is a points based system. If you pass the mark you can apply and you would be likely to suceed. Visit To get all the info on this.
3. *Would this person be able to immediately enter work in his/her field or would they be required to re-do their graduate or even undergraduate degree(s)?
Not, most likely you won’t get a good job according to your qualifications in 3 to 5 years time (There are stats that proof this). As mention above, Canada is very competitive and they prefer to employ people with Canadian degrees and/or Canadian experience.
If you have the money and the patience to study again, do a postgraduate degree in Canada, it will improve your chances of landing a good job,. Otherwise be prepared for disappointments and jobs that are way below your education level.
Do visit for more info
William asks…

Question about Immigration Muslims to Western countries ?

Recently German Chancellor announced that her country is based on Christianity and Migrated people must respect the Germany rules and regulations,
Muslim People from, North Africa (Somalia, Nigeria, Tunisia etc), Asia (Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia etc) Migrating to Countries like USA, Canada, UK, after reaching there they all complain about the Constitution of Government of respective country ,as that based on Christianity. Why Government like USA promoting these people Immigration, especially Iran and Afghanistan? Do you think this will Happen in Saudi Arabia?

Diana answers:

It not the constitution. Fascists and racists are small group of personal interests that stir up these issues.
Robert asks…

Problem with cultural adjustment?

I know its a very weird thing to ask,I came to canada to attend a university in Montreal.I am from Bangladesh but hopefully will get my immigration in canada soon.I was a very one-sided person with focusing on academics most of the times of my university life.So I didnt go out and spend that much times in hanging out with friends.There are a very few people from my country at my university and I didnt get to know them that much for the same reason mentioned above.Now I am graduating with a good GPA and good job and stuff but I feel I need to socalize with people and most improtantly to survive in Canada where I have to probably spend the rest of my life as there is nothing much to do in my field back in Bangladesh I need to embrace the culture here.And of course to survive I need to have a few good friends.
Probably people of my department already know that I am not a very social person so they kinda avoid me,Also means of socializing are very much different than that of my culture.My language is also a big issue,engilsh not being my first language.I find people here have a different sense of humor whichI like but I think it takes me some time to grasp the actual meaning before they think I am a boring person.I dont think people go to bars or clubs alone,I need to have a few good friends first.
I just dont know how to start socializing and not sure how people grown up in the Canadian culture would accept me.I wish I could start my university life all over again where I had the opportunity to get to know and socialize with people from all different cultures.
I would appreicate suggestions,especially from the Canadians

Diana answers:

Join local special interest groups in and around the campus. Look up toastmasters or other hobby groups online. Try
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