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Is Is it Works Marketing a Scam or Legit Opportunity? - Is it Works Marketing Review

I decided to investigate an opportunity called It Works Marketing due to the number of scams running online, this is what I found out...

It Works Marketing offers people products for health and wellness, as well as business opportunities to earn more income through retail and sponsorship. It Works Marketing started in 2001 and has focused on giving beauty and wellness products.

The Marketing Approach

The company uses the network marketing approach to selling. Instead of giving money to advertisers, it puts the avarage joe in charge of advertising.

You should gather team members once you join It Works. You can become a "Perfect 10" by inviting the first 5 clients and first 5 distributors. You continue earning commission as you complete the "perfect ten" each time. You can earn a maximum of 9% from the group volume that you enroll and a maximum of 4% from other members in the organization.

The Product Line

It Works offer individuals products that are formulated and developed by various researchers, herbalists and scientists . The products offered include body slimming treatments, nutritional supplements, skin care products and anti-aging products.

ITworks is also featured, which is the interactive online weight loss program developed by It Works. The program was created by Carla Burns, RN and incorporates a 20-minute workout, diet recipes and thermogenic foods that help burn fat and calories.

From the research I've done so far, this opportunity is legit.

However, the MAJOR PROBLEM I see is the marketing plan. This company teaches its reps to prospect family & friends, do home parties, buy leads and distribute brochures.. I don't believe this to be a solid marketing plan. With the Internet, business can be leveraged to reach millions across the globe.

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