Job Bank Canada - Top 9 How to's

1. I am overseas and looking for a job. Job Bank right for me?

Anyone can use Job Bank, but in most cases, before a potential employer will hire you, he will obtain an opinion on the impact on the labor market from Human Resources and Social Development Canada and Service Canada (HRSDC / SC). This notice assesses the impact that hiring a foreign worker in the Canadian labor market, in other words, how the job could affect Canadian jobs. When your job will be provided with to an employer in Canada, and the employer has obtained the opinion on the impact on the labor market HRSDC / SC, you must obtain a work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Web Portal Going to Canada explains how to find a job in Canada, and describes the steps to be taken thereafter, including how to obtain a work permit from CIC Ministry, so you can work temporarily in Canada. The tool of the Government of Canada is available at:

2. How do I to include or exclude the agencies in my job search?

The function of advanced search , located on the Job Search page, provides an opportunity for job seekers eliminate the agencies of the results of their research.

3. Can I upload an existing resume Job Bank?

 The Resume Builder tool allows job seekers to write up to five CV and save jobs in their accounts. This tool was designed to help them write a resume impeccable. If you already have a CV, you can incorporate into the Resume Builder, or just keep it and use it in your job applications. Note: Job Bank does not allow employers to view resumes saved to Using the Resume Builder tool. Applicants must submit their own CV to the employer.

4. Why Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories do not they part of the range of possible locations for the profiles of work that can be created using the option Job Match?

The Job Match service does not provide information on employment opportunities in these regions and territories, as they each have their own websites for use. These websites were created following the implementation of agreements on the development of labor agreements with Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories. Systems (Northwest Territories), SaskNetWork (Saskatchewan), JobsinNL (Newfoundland and Labrador) and Emploi-Québec (Québec) are unfortunately not compatible with the service Job Match Job Bank . A warning to this effect is displayed on the page titled: What is the Job Match?
The warning reads:

" Warning : Please note that the option of Twin-d'emploi does not work with the offers of Quebec , the Saskatchewan , of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Northwest Territories . However, you can easily use the Job Search to find employment opportunities in these areas. "

Please note that if you are a resident of the Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador and Quebec, and that you are looking for work in other jurisdictions , you can access the Matching Service job-worker at

Northwest Territories

If you want to look for work in the Northwest Territories, using an online investment tool, please visit the following website: Jobsnorth . ca (English only) Quebec If you want to look for work in Quebec using an online investment tool, please visit the website at Emploi Quebec - Online Placement . Saskatchewan If you want to look for work in Saskatchewan using a placement tool online, visit the following website: SaskNetWork www / jsp / jobseekers.jsp (English only) Newfoundland and Labrador If you want to look for work in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador using an investment vehicle in online, please visit the following website: JobsinNL / user_create.html (English only)

5. Where can I obtain financial assistance and additional information about training opportunities or postsecondary education?

Training and Careers is a comprehensive website which contains useful information for Canadians looking for work who wish to develop their skills, return to the workforce or start a new career. The tool "if. "Is very user friendly and allow you to browse the site to suit your needs. In addition, the AZ Index includes hundreds of links to websites related to employment. You can access the site Training and Careers from the left menu on the home page of the Job Bank. Website Information Labour Market Information (LMI) can learn about local and regional conditions in the labor market across Canada. It contains detailed information on occupations, employment opportunities, salaries and wages, training, economic prospects, local events, business sectors, communities and lists of potential employers. This information helps people looking for work, people to make a career choice, workers, career counselors, providers of employment services, employers and community development organizations. Information on the labor market Your Service Canada Centre can also give you information about the local labor market, as well as opportunities for employment counseling or vocational training. Please refer to the following address to find the Service Canada Centre nearest you: Our offices / where_you_live / menu.shtml

6. How do I search for jobs for working from home?

Links to obtain information on telework (work from home) are available on the Job Bank website at the following address: Telecommuting Job Bank for Employers n ' not accept job offers such business opportunities or self employment.

7. How do I cancel my Job Alerts or delete my account Job Bank?

For reasons of protection of privacy, we are not allowed to change your account. To cancel your alerts employment, please login and select the job alert tool, at: Job Alert After logged in, select Disable (Edit -> Delete -> Disable) for each search that you created. The option Enable is displayed on your account. If later you wish to receive further emails, you must log in and click Enable . Your account will be reactivated and the option Enable replaced again by the option Disable . Note: the Job Bank accounts can not be deleted. You can cancel the "active" status of certain tools in your account, but your information to log on to remain available should you wish to access your account again in the future.

8. How do I submit my application for employment offered to the Government of Canada?

All job opportunities announced by the federal government are posted to the site the Public Service Commission. To view the current vacancies and apply for advertised employment opportunities, visit the website: Please note that you can receive by email a list of jobs open to Government of Canada matching your search criteria by using the Job Alert.

9. If I have doubts about some employers registered on Job Bank, do I have a way to verify that these companies are honest?

We make every effort to verify the honesty and seriousness of the job, each employer that displays jobs on the website of the Job Bank ( , we also check provides that each meets our requirements of fair and equitable recruitment. However, we appreciate the public comments that can help us by drawing our attention to tender invalid. You can visit the Better Business Bureau (BBB), at: reports of BBB provides information on more than 2.5 million organizations.