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Bahrain is the smallest of the Gulf States but financially and politically, it wields a lot of influence in the area. Like all other Gulf States, it is also in an aggressively developmental stage and has a lot of job opportunities for foreign workers but not on a permanent basis. Bahrain does not encourage foreigners to settle down permanently. It encourages temporary employment for foreign workers. There are a lot of job opportunities in all upcoming sectors such as construction, banking, oil and gas and teaching. Thus, for those looking to work in Bahrain, it is good to have a beforehand knowledge of the area, the living style here, the culture and of course the ample job opportunities that the place has to offer.

As mentioned earlier, foreign workers arent mostly allowed to settle down permanently here, but it does not mean that they are treated lousily. Expatriates are meted out a fair treatment but in a controlled manner. They are appreciated for their contribution, paid well and at the end of their stint, thanked for what they did. The main reason behind this is that the government is trying to make the region self-sufficient. It is putting in all efforts to ensure jobs and employment for its own young people. The authorities are making a lot of investment in education and social welfare and hopes that the local population will become sufficient in terms of workforce in the years to come. Youth are also inclined towards education and many leave for foreign universities to attain education.

Currently, foreign workers are required in large numbers and the demand would be there for at least another two to three decades. However, with the changing face of the region, the number of foreign workers and the type of skill requirements will undergo a change. For instance, currently there are a lot of infrastructure projects in full swing in Bahrain, owing to the construction of new roads, airports, ports etc. However, once these projects are over, the demand for manual workers in this industry will climb down. Apart from the infrastructure projects, the commercial development has also led to many building and construction programmes. Thus, construction workers are in demand there.

Bahrains economy is a fast growing one. Many sectors are coming up and there is huge demand for professionally trained workforce. People with managerial, professional and technological experience are and will remain to be in strong demand. This demand is slated to remain strong for many years to come. However, unlike western countries, where there is huge demand for citizenships owing to mass immigration, Bahrain will never see an explosion in the expatriate population. The rule of the land doesnt allow it. Foreigners can neither become citizens of Bahrain nor own any property here. If anybody wishes to start a business here, he/she has to find a local partner who has the major holding in the project.

The discovery of oil on the Arabian Peninsula side of the Gulf first happened in Bahrain. This discovery coincided with the breakdown of the global pearl market. Earlier, pearl trading was a crucial part of Bahrains economy. The oil and gas industry has job opportunities though it accounts for only 10 to 15 per cent of the GDP of Bahrain. The oil companies in Bahrain have extensive development plans and offer good on-site facilities their employees and their families.

Another major employer is the aluminum industry which forms a significant portion of Bahrains non-oil based exports. The major employer in Bahrain apart from these two is the banking sector. Bahrain reigns supreme in the financial services industry. Bahrain boasts of branches by banks from all over the world. They carry out retail, investment and off-shore operations in Bahrain. There are almost 200 international banks and financial institutions in Bahrain which require talented workforce. So, there are many job opportunities in this sector. Teaching English is another good job opportunity. Apart from that, telecom and tourism are the other two fast growing sectors in Bahrain.

Once you have decided to work in Bahrain, there are other general issues that one has to take care of. The culture and lifestyle here would be different to your own and the restrictions imposed would be too many. Bahrain is a very conservative society. It does not approve of homosexuality or live-in relationships. It also does not encourage proximity between male ad female colleagues or friends. Also, one has to be sure that the relocation would be beneficial for ones career prospects. Another concern is that whether your family and children will take this relocation easily.

To work and stay in Bahrain, you need a local sponsor here. Sponsor could be your employer who will ensure your work permit and residence visa formalities to stay here. There are very strict rules regarding this in Bahrain. Consult the foreign office in your country before traveling to Bahrain.

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