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Vietnamese Immigration to the United States

Every year millions of people emigrate from one country to another, this process is one of the main reasons of population problems in most countries. Some reasons for immigration are famine, poverty, religion, revolution, unemployment, dictatorships, cholera, overpopulation, war, political repression and some others. People usually immigrate to countries where the standards of living are much higher than in their native. The examples of such countries are the USA, Great Britain, Canada, France, Germany and others. To the USA immigrate people mostly from Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Italy, Israel, China, Japan, Jamaica, Vietnam, Haiti, Cuba and others. To France come people for the permanent place of residence from Algeria, Maraca, Vietnam, China, Poland and other countries.
This work is devoted to Vietnamese immigration to the United States of America and France. Are the conditions of life for the Vietnamese people the same in these countries? How differ the refugee and immigration policies in these countries? How integrate refugees and immigrants of the two countries? I am going to investigate all these questions and then draw a conclusion.
But before discussing problems dealing with Vietnamese immigration, we will get acquainted with immigration process and its consequences. Most people immigrate to another country in search for better living, it's the main reason. As I've already mentioned immigration can be a great problem, because it influences social, cultural, economical and political life of native people. It results heated arguments whether immigration is good for the country.
Immigrants bring with them part of their culture, language, religion and traditions and we can't leave this factor without attention. They are confronted with numerous difficulties such as civil rights, education, work, social services and political participation. Job skills, legal status, educational background play an important role in social, cultural and political integration. The necessity of real foreign professionals who can develop ties with their native countries on the economical level and gives a possibility for a few people to realize themselves but for the majority the situation is very difficult.
On the other hand immigrants are necessary to strengthen the economy of the country, especially in America. Most of immigrants are cheap man labor. Some American politicians are trying to simplify immigration laws, as scientists predict the labor demand in nearest future.

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