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Teaching Jobs In Saudi Arabia

For expatriates looking to work in Saudi Arabia, there are many types of job options to choose from. Industries such as IT, Construction, Banking, Finance, and Oil & Gas etc are buzzing with jobs. However, education industry also attracts a lot of qualified personnel into Saudi Arabia. There are many teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia to be taken up. Since the expatriate population is quite high, and they come from all over the world to work in Saudi Arabia with their families there are many international schools that are running here to cater to the children of these expatriates. Apart from that the local schools in Saudi Arabia also required qualified teachers for subjects such as English and Math.

All teaching jobs are available on contract basis. In Saudi Arabia, most of the available teaching contracts are for men. For women from outside the country, it is not possible to find teaching contracts. For women colleges, only those foreign women are hired who are accompanying their husbands to the Kingdom. For such women, it is easier to find teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia. There is a lot of local hiring that happens in Saudi Arabia so is a female ESL teacher is accompanying her husband, she can find work here.

Apart from schools, the demand for teachers in Saudi Arabia is also as private tutors. The salaries paid are also very high. Since English is a foreign language and its demand is very high owing to the expatriate presence in the region, there is a need to learn the language. Private English tutors get handsome salaries on hourly basis. Even in expatriate K-12 schools, the salaries and work conditions offered are very good. If one has experience of teaching in a British or American school, the chances of getting hired increase manifold. With experience of having taught in these schools, candidates can easily get adjusted to the syllabus in international schools in Saudi Arabia.

To get a teaching job in Saudi Arabia, one can either apply through recruitment agencies, job portals or directly to the school or college if the vacancy is being advertised on their official site. Once short listed, the candidates are called for interview and other tests to the kingdom. If selected, a contract is drawn between the organization and the candidate and the contract is the main document on which a candidates stay in the kingdom is decided. Any breach in the contract on either side could lead to serious consequences. Before the contract is signed, all details regarding the compensation, period of stay, perks, benefits, holidays etc should be cleared up with the employer. Any confusion later on cannot be resolved basis verbal exchange then.

Ina teaching job in Saudi Arabia, apart from the salary which could range from moderate to generous, one can look forward to amazing benefits. Since no taxes have to be paid, all that one earns is for one to keep. There is also a hefty end-of-contract bonus. This is calculated on the basis of the length of the service and the position that you have worked on. This is a kind of Thank You token by the country and the organization. While on job, the employee is given a furnished house to stay or a handsome housing allowance. There are no utility bills to be paid except for long-distance phone calls. Once every year, the organization pays airfare to and from home for the employee, his spouse, and his dependent children. Then, there is also basic medical insurance that is paid by the organization. All these make teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia very attractive. Here, one can look forward to making life time savings.

Though money is a great puller, one has to realize that living in Saudi Arabia requires a lot of adjustment. The lifestyle here is very different both personally and professionally.
For teachers, they will find the local students in the class unmotivated and immature as they come from well-off families and dont consider education as an important part of growing up. Since their futures are already secured, they do no pay much attention to studies. However, apart from this aspect at the workplace there are everyday adjustments that one has to make while living in Saudi Arabia. It is a conservative society and women do not enjoy much freedom. There are other adjustments to be made too. It is good to join a forum of the expatriates who are already working there to get a real picture of what it is like to be working in Saudi Arabia before agreeing to take up a job there.

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