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Top 5 Coolest University Programs

It's a situation almost every student finds themselves in: you're nearing the end of your high school education, and it's time to figure out what to do next. The thing is, hardly anyone knows what he or she wants to study, let alone where to study.

Programs such as psychology or computer science hardly vary between each university, making it hard to find programs that seem especially compelling. But fear not! This list of the Top 5 Coolest Canadian University Programs will show you that education can be fun and exciting, as well as, er, educational!

*Media, Information and Technoculture (MIT)
The University of Western Ontario

Are you a pop culture junkie? The MIT program examines the social, cultural, political, and economic effects that media, information, and communications technologies have on our world.

In MIT you will think critically about a wide range of media and cultural texts from books, films, television, and music to hypertext, art, comics, and video games, among others.

Prepare to delve deep into the current issues such as the digital piracy debate and the impact of blogs and other Net addictions on daily life.

In addition to a solid grounding in theory and analysis, hands-on experience is available in many elective MIT courses including: digital imaging and web site design, introduction to journalistic writing, digital music, multimedia theory and production, and digital video production.

*Bachelor of Commerce
(International Exchange Program)
Queen's University

Queen's School of Business is already considered one of the best business in Canada, if not North America. However, their well-established International Exchange Program is icing on the academic cake. The program enables students to study internationally for all, or part of third year.

This allows you to take gain valuable experience abroad while completing your degree. Queen's partners with some of the best universities worldwide, and students have been known to go anywhere from Norway to Thailand during their third year.

Your regular tuition covers all international student fees for exchange study, and many students take advantage of bursaries to help cover living expenses while abroad.

*Bachelor of Computer Science: Computer Game Development Stream
Carleton University

Want to turn that gaming addiction into a career? Video games are rapidly becoming the most profitable sector of the entertainment industry, and schools are beginning to realize that it pays to play.

Carleton's Computer Game Development stream is for students who have a strong interest in designing and implementing computer games.

Four new courses have been introduced for this stream, covering topics such as basic game architecture, animated scenes, game character development, special effects, networked games, and large multiplayer online games.

*Bachelor of Journalism Honours Degree
University of King's College

Despite being far to the east of Canada's main academic hub, University of King's College's journalism program has garnered positives reviews from critics and students alike. Their journalism school emphasizes good teaching and close contact between students and teaching staff.

Consisting of seasoned professionals, the faculty covers journalistic theory while also acting as students' editors and producers -- vetting and critiquing the stories they produce.

The hands-on approach ensures students can learn to be reporters by being reporters, whose work gets published and broadcast -- as well as read, listened to and watched.

*Bachelor of Sport Management
Brock University

It's time to stop managing teams from your living room and hone your management skills professionally. Brock University's Bachelor of Sport Management focuses on developing students for careers in the sport industry, including public, nonprofit, and commercial organizations.

Students are prepared for positions such as management, marketing, public relations, communications, facility and event management, sales, program development, and human resource management in public, nonprofit, and commercial sport organizations.

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