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How to Register for Bank of Montreal Internet Banking

Internet banking is a popular banking service provided by almost all banks these days. It is now a must for all the bank account owner because of the great benefits you can have from it.

Overview of BMO

In Canada, one bank you can select to start a savings account with internet banking is Bank of Montreal. The bank is a public corporation listed in Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). It was established in 1817 at Montreal, Quebec, Canada making it the most aged bank in the nation.

BMO is the fourth largest bank in Canada with more than 900 department across the country serving 7 million customers. It has as well operations in Chicago and other parts of the United States.

It was ranked by Forbes at 150 on Forbes Global 2000 list. Presently, its main office can be found at Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Serving the company as CEO is Mr. Bill A. Downe, David A. Galloway as Chairman, and Russel C. Robertson as CFO.

How to Enroll for Bank of Montreal (BMO) Online Banking

To register to BMO online banking, you may call at 1-877-262-5907 if you are in Canada or you can go over to your BMO Bank of Montreal arm for more facts on whereby to enroll for Internet banking.

Attributes of BMO Online Banking

Basically, there are great quantity of benefits you can get from owning an internet banking account. The features are easy to work with and so helpful for the account holder.

1. Free Transmittal of Cash

One attribute of Internet banking is it allows you to transfer money among your bank accounts without charge. You may move money among your Canadian and US dollar deposit account, Email money transfers, Line of Credit, MasterCard and more.

2. Send Money to Other People Without Charge

By using Email Money Transfer, you can transmit and get money quick and safely from any individual with a Canadian deposit account and an electronic address. It is simple to do and a great means to transmit and get cash. You can check the situation of your cash transmittal and you can as well send an email reminders to your receiver.

3. Pay Charges Quickly

It is convenient to pay for charges applying Online network banking since it is simple and quick. There are no trouble and you will do it in front of your computer monitor, no anticipating or lining up in banks or payment offices.

You can pay for about all billers, add or remove them if you want. In addition, you can designate repeating charges so you won't skip to pay for it and your charge can be sent by post online through epost.

4. View Summary of Account

After you log in using your bank card number and password, you can notice in the monitor the summary of your bank accounts, credit cards, investments, and loans with BMO. You can also determine the "Customer Aid Response" signal flashing when you receive an answer from your question.

5. See Investments Online

You can view any of your investments in only one area with the activity data. Moreover, you may avenue various investing tools and reports to assist you discover more relating to investing.

6. Fast Consumer Aid

There may come a time that you want to ask questions relating to problem in your account and you may find the response in BMO site. If you will send a query, your question will be answered within 24 hours and it may be determined in your bank account outline with a blinking envelope. You may as well call at 1 800 to speak with a direct banking administrator.

7. Check your Stocks via internet

Here you can notice a page that total up your loan agreement, credit cards, and loans to comfortably administer your money. You can as well pay for your loan quicker by up to 20% per year and end your mortgage at the moment you want to.

8. Order Checks

You may start a new bank account, order new checks, stop a check payment, order traveler's check and a lot more through internet application. It is simple and problem free.

9. Bring up to date your Profile

When you want to change any of your personal information, you can do it comfortably online. You may change your address, phone number, or surname.


Bank of Montreal online banking is one of the many services offered by BMO for its client around the world. It is free and gives lots of benefits for account holders. Before you can have an online banking account, you must first apply a bank or savings account at BMO.


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