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What Agencies Look For In Male Models

There is a very large demand for men in the modeling industry. For various reasons, modeling has been predominantly a female activity. In the last 20 years this has taken a dramatic change. You must remember that there are thousands of high-end companies that strictly produce products for men. These firms are always looking for people to show off their goods.

There is no question that it is easier for a male to be successful in the modeling industry than a female. This mostly comes because guys have a much larger range. Females in the industry are held to such requirement that only a handful can even qualify. While the male look is easier to obtain, there still is a range. If you are thinking of becoming a male model, here is some information that will help you determine if you have the look.

The first thing to discuss is the age. Male models can vary anywhere from 16 to 60. The most defined market is the 23-37 age group. The great thing about being a male model over a female model is the industry is lacking men at every age. Obviously if you fit into the strongest category you are going to have the best chance, but models are in high demand and all ages.

The physical requirements are quite broad. The majority of the time, the industry is looking for a model with the height between 5 feet 10 inches and 6 feet 2 inches. For the most part, it is better to be on the tall side of the spectrum. Like their female counterparts, male models are expected to be in great shape with little body fat. This can vary depending on the situation. There are many different types of models. Many companies are looking for bigger models that more fit their clientele. This means that even if you aren't six two with an amazing body, there is still plenty of work for you.

One of the most important things agencies look for in their models is great skin. Male models need to lose all the body hair, and the skin needs to be smooth. This has become an absolute norm in the industry.
The most important thing is to have fun and do good work. If you can get a name as being someone that is easy to work with and does excellent work, you can go far in the modeling business.

The bottom line is there is a huge shortage of good male models. If you have the desire, locate your local talent agency and see what kind of an offer they are willing to make.

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