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Overstayed in the UK? Make Your Living Legal Now

If you are in the UK on a temporary visa, whether it is a student visa, travel visa or a visit visa and you have over stayed your term, then what should you be doing to regularize your stay or to extend your stay here? Many immigrants face this very common situation in the UK. For instance, once a student finished his education, he would continue to stay here and start his/her career by obtaining a job and settle down. Reasons for the over stay in the UK may be numerous and different in each case.

Depending upon the circumstances you are in, and the facts of your case, you may be eligible to regularize your stay through a concession applicable at that time under the immigration rules. There is also a possibility that you may apply for "Leave to Remain" in the UK based upon the long stay resident (stayed for more than 14 years), discretionary grounds or your human rights. It is wise to consult an immigration Lawyer to seek advice on regularizing your overstay, as the immigration authorities may anytime remove you from the UK. Click here to contact expert Immigration Solicitors from the largest law firm in London. Your case is assured to be dealt with personal care and an appropriate best outcome is promised.

On expiry of your visa in the UK, your status is meant to be illegal, to regularize the same and to continue to stay in the country; you may need assistance from an expert immigration solicitor. You may seek extended stay in the country on various grounds; say for working or because of fear of persecution to return to homeland. However, to apply for a different visa type, you need to first prove yourself eligible for the respective category of visa you are hoping to apply for. Your Immigration lawyer will assist you in analyzing what will be the best option available for you depending upon the latest rules and regulations of the immigration policy of the nation. The variety of visas through which one can enter or remain in the UK is huge, so it is only possible for an expert immigration solicitor to judge what will suit best in your case. Changes in the rules and concession given under immigration law are learned by the solicitors promptly which you may fail to notice. So, to get your regularization process smooth and to fetch most positive outcome, approach an expert immigration lawyer.

About the author: John Lewis is one of the senior and expert writer about various laws and lawyers. John has years of experience in guiding people across the world to reach the right Immigration Solicitors, especially if someone wants to visit to the UK and make their living Legal!


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