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Immigration to Canada 2011

Canada, a country governed as a parliamentary democracy with Queen Elizabeth II as a state of mind, is a land of opportunities that attract many people from around the world. With the number of immigration applications is increasing every year, the Canadian government attempted to improve programs and immigration laws to make the immigration process very easy. Previously, he can take 5-6 years for immigration to Canada, but now the process has been accelerated and it is possible to obtain immigration in a year. Canada offers 3.2 million skilled migrant visas each year and is one of the greatest opportunities offered by the government for people interested in immigrating to Canada. All applications submitted under the program of federal immigration skilled are evaluated based on the applicant's ability to become economically established in Canada after migration.

Canada's immigration service is provided by many lawyers who deal with matters that every potential immigrant faces. The first thing one should do while applying for Canadian immigration under federal jurisdiction is to make a resume appropriate to their age, work experience and education qualifications included. If a person is married even though details of the spouse are also required. Then, you must submit the IELTS exam, in which you have a score of 7.5 and 6.5 in English each hearing to speak, read and write English is considered optimal, for which a total of 16 points rewarded is the maximum you can score. After the CV is ready and you have cleared IELTS, you must find an immigration attorney who can help you file the case. Based on your CV and the IELTS result you are given some brands (you need 67 marks to be eligible to apply to Immigration Canada). You can also get extra points if your first blood relative is a Canadian citizen.
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After that, there are 7 simple steps required for immigration to Canada. First your application to the approval letter from a Canadian employer (in the case of optional employment) is submitted to the Central Intake Unit in Sydney, Nova Scotia. It takes 2 months to be processed, after which you get a case number. In the second step the other documents are submitted to the High Commission in New Delhi. Then, the request is sent to be evaluated by the Canadian Immigration Visa Office. Fourth step is the personal interview which may or may not take place to verify the authenticity of your documents. Fifth step is to get medical clearance and police, and then in the sixth stage of the High Committee asks for your passport and the right of landing fees. The last step is when you get your passport after stamping visa, and then you can immigrate to Canada. you can aslo check Canada immigration online services.

Like Canada there are many other countries who see a massive influx of people every year. Recently, there has been an increased demand for the immigration service in the UK too. Candidates try to find the easiest ways to immigrate to developed countries where they can settle after obtaining employment, but all they have to do is find a immigration lawyer the right to help them make their case in the right way and help them immigrate to Canada.

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