Work in Canada - Guide for Newcomers

Want to work in Canada? An essential guide for newcomers

Climate, communities, the types of transportation; the population services and community agencies and leisure types of schools for children, housing, economy, health care.

Search the Internet on housing, in-person visit houses and apartments advertised; Compare your family's needs with amenities of a neighborhood - the location of schools, shops, buses, recreation and community services, security; Ask a support organization for immigrants information on housing in your community Do a search on the properties entrusted to real estate agents across Canada in the database of the Canadian Real Estate Association.

You should take steps to improve your language skills while you're still in your home country is better to pass a language test in French or English before coming to Canada.If the results of your language proficiency test reveals that you or your family members need to improve your language skills in French or English, make a plan to improve your language skills.Whether you plan to practice a profession regulated or unregulated, you may find it useful to learn about other types of jobs so that more options are available when the time comes to find work in Canada.

To acquire work experience in Canada to practice your English or French, you build a network to make friends and meet Canadians to find someone who can serve as a reference and show potential employers that you are a person who works hard.

Evaluate your educational credentials and once you receive your assessment, you will be able to determine if you need to upgrade your skills or training for their intended occupation.You may want to learn more about the opportunities available to you to continue your studies in an area other than where you intend to work after arriving in Canada.