Work Permit Canada Extension

Paul asks…

Am I eligible to work when the extension of my work permit is in process?(Canada)?

Diana answers:

YES you still can work – it is called Implied status.
BUT – SOME employers choose to not allow you to work – that is their policy and there is NOT much you can do about it. I was told to look at it this way.
You have permission to work, (work permit) but NOT the RIGHT to work (because you are not a PR or a citizen).
The following is my experience in this situation in Canada.
One employer fired me when my work permit and temporary SIN card expired (the SIN card is tied to the work permit). I had to stay home for one week waiting for the new work permit to arrive, and when it did, I had to go to the HRSDC to get the SIN renewed before I could get my job back.
When I was working for a different employer, and I was in implied status, the company checked the law and had no problems allowing me to continue working even while my SIN was expired. Again the new work permit arrived within a week of the original expiry date and once again I had to go to the HRSDC to get the SIN card renewed.
Hope this helps.
Sharon asks…

is it legal to stay in canada after appling for extension?

i m depedent staying in canada with my husband who has work permit but it expired we applied for extension before expiry we have all legal documents

Diana answers:

I’m automatically thinking it is yes but you really need to check right away since you are expired already. I believe you can.
Mandy asks…

Can you Become a permanent Resident in Canada from a Work Visa?

Is there was a way for someone to become a permanent resident in Canada while working there on a work permit? The work permit is for 2 years and after you have to leave the country. Can you file for an extension before the 2 years are up and try to file for permanent status after? I live in Mexico and would like to migrate to Canada, Vancouver actually, and some advice or help can go a long way. Thank you for your time and feel free to contact me with any information. Thanks again.
Can you get an extension on a work permit if you get your contract renewed?
Can you get an extension on a work permit if you get your contract renewed after the 2 years without leaving the country and messing up the living in Canada continuously for 3-5 years?
Is getting a work permit extension hard or do certain restrictions apply to extending your stay?

Diana answers:

You cannot convert a work permit into a permanent resident visa. One is temporary and one is permanent so they do not equate or transfer.
Finish out your work permit but before it is to expire file for permanent resident status. It will be in your favor that you have already lived in Canada and have work experience. You may have to leave Canada after the permit expires and before your permanent residence is granted because you will still be held to the original provisions of your work permit.
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