Your Questions About Application For Permanent Residence In Canada

Charles asks…

Urgent! about permanent residence in Canada. Please help?

I have applied for canadian immigration and permanent residence before 8 monthes, my husband being the principal applicant. I got Phd position in Canada before we hear anything from the visa office, how does this affect our application process? Do we get back the money we paid for application? Does this shorten the time it takes to get permanent residence as a student? Please help?

Diana answers:

If you cancel your application, you can get back the right of landing fee if you paid it already. The processing fee is not refundable. You can let your application ride and just update with immigration that your address has changed or you can cancel it and do a new application for PR later.
The processing time from your original application depends on what country you are applying from. If you withdraw this application and your husband applies again from within Canada, it will go through the US and take on average 19 months.
James asks…

Parents applications to canada?

My parents application for permanent residence in Canada is in India . I got Application number from India but its been like 4 years and i hear nothing from Indian Canadian embassy. Anyone please help me what to do in India to Canadian embassy. Should i call them or wait ?

Diana answers:

The current waiting list for sponsoring parents to join you into Canada is 10 years….you could call and see whereabouts you are in the stages…but yea the waiting list is 10 years I’m afraid :/
Linda asks…

Canada permanent residence status (PNP versus normal method)?

Hi, I know there is a lot of information on this topic already, however, I can’t seem to find exactly what I am looking for anywhere.
I am a 24 yr old graduate living in the UK. I have been working in the IT Project Management industry for the past two years. I have recently organized a 1 yr working visa for Canada and I plan to arrive in Oct this year. My current company is helping me to find a role in Canada, so I am hoping that I will have a job before going over.
In terms of location I am looking at either Toronto or BC. One of the main differences I notice is the fact that there are more occupations on the BC PNP list than there are on the Ontario PNP list (I think I will qualify for the BC PNP).
My questions is, if I went to BC and was accepted on the PNP then I understand that they let you know whether or not your PNP has been accepted in a matter of weeks (i have read about 8 weeks). I realize that this is only the beginning of the application process, but I understand that there is a strong chance of the receiving PR if you have been accepted on the PNP.
If however, I went to Toronto, I do not think that I would qualify for their PNP. Therefore, if I applied for permanent residency, how long would it take before I know whether or not my application had been successful (approximately)?
In short- would it be worth going to BC to take advantage of the PNP??
Appreciate any advice at all

Diana answers:

If you do the BC PNP program, you will have your PR card within a year. If you go to ON and do the federal skilled worker application from within Canada, it will be sent to Buffalo, why I am not sure but they do. Immigration Canada website says 50% of cases in Buffalo processed within 19 months, 80% processed within 25 and for most of that time, you will not know anything, just be waiting for them to get you processed.
I’d say go to BC, the weather is nicer.
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