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David asks…

Is it possible to get a study permit in Canada with a criminal record?

I was recently arrested for sneaking into an abandoned building, my charges will be gone in a year and i am trying to go to college in b.c. Canada, I am a U.S. citzen I need to start school in a month and i am wondering what kind of problems i am going to run into at the border.
Please Help
True however they require that you put down whether or not you have been arrested

Diana answers:

I don’t think you need to have a criminal record check for a study permit here (Canada).
I checked the list of documents you need to apply for the permit, no criminal record check. Http://
here are the instructions and application forms to apply:
Good luck! Just try it. Worst case scenario is that you get rejected, but it doesn’t look like they’re going to check. It costs them $20 to check your record, and so they would charge you and make you do it if it were necessary, and it doesn’t look like they will.
Mandy asks…

Getting a study permit to Canada… Is it really possible to…?

apply for a study permit at the Canadian border? On the Canadian website of citizenship, they say that American citizens and people from some other places can apply a the border. I’m not sure I understand this well. Does it mean when you are entering you apply for your study permit? or is it only for people who don’t have Canadian consulates/ embassies in their cities?
Anyone who has done this care to explain?

Diana answers:

You get your entry permit at the border, but that is only granted if you have the paperwork for your Study visa in hand. You have to have been accepted at a school before you can get a Study visa, and complete the application form for a study visa. Once it is granted, the rest is done at the border.
Citizens or residents of the United States, Saint-Pierre et Miquelon and Greenland simply don’t need a passport or a temporary residence visa to enter Canada; just an ID card, that proves citizenship/legal residence of those countries.
John asks…

Lost Canadian study permit in the US?

Hello community, I am in big trouble or so I think.
I lost (left it at home in Canada) my Canadian study permit, I am now in the us, I don’t have a visa with me, since you can use the study permit alone to cross borders between these two countries, anyways, I still have my passport, is there any way that when I cross the border I can show my passport and tell them what happened so they can check on their database that I am indeed a legal resident?
or is my only option to get a new copy? and how long will it take me to get it, assuming that I go personally to a Canadian consulate in the US with no papers except my passport and the student ID card from my college?
thanks for your answers
thanks for your answers, The thing is that I am not not Canadian, and the permit is the only thing I had with proof of residence, I am looking into the Mail option but I’m preparing in case that does not work.
Other good thing is that I live right across the border.
good alternatives, still, you can print it at the border as the best answer said. thanks

Diana answers:

They have it in the computer.
For $30 they’ll print you a new one.
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