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John asks…

Dual Citizenship USA & Canada?

Dual citizenship question Canada/USA?
I’m a Canadian citizen and have permanent green card in the USA and my husband is American citizen. Can my newborn get dual citizenship to Canada through me? What is the whole procedure to get it?

Diana answers:

Yes You have to apply to the Canadian Consulate in your city. You’ll need a photograph that’s a somewhat strange size, different from a passport photo. But then you just send it in with the application and fee and they send back your child’s Canadian citizenship card.
Jenny asks…

How can a 19 year old Canadian student gain dual citizenship between Canada and the USA?

Hello! I was wondering how I can get dual citizenship so that I can live and work in both the USA and Canada throughout my life.

Diana answers:

Sadly, simply living in the US for five years no longer gives a person Permanent Residence status (or a green card) anymore.
You will have to file and simply sift your way through the paperwork and red tape. Be ready to spend lots of time and money.
Mark asks…

Dual Citizenship Canada-USA?

Can some one give me info , if a naturalized Canadian accepts a US citizenship through Green card while living in US, and be a dual citizen meaning US-Canadian, What are the pros and con’s. . Please answer only if you are sure and know the facts.
I know green card is not a citizenship status. What i meant is after living in US for the required length of time and receiving the citizenship.

Diana answers:

Yes he can be a dual.
Pros – easy to cross the border both ways
- if you get intro trouble in one country, you cannot call on the other country’s embassy for help. Well you can – but they will not help you.
Cons – MUST show US passport entering the US and must show Canada passport entering Canada. DO NOT LOSE the passports.
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