Your Questions About Immigrate To Canada Quebec

Jenny asks…

What are the canadian embassy’s interview about while you are going to immigrate through Quebec?

I have interview with canadian embassy for immigrating to canada through quebec and i have to speak in french. is anyone who had the same experience?
please help

Diana answers:

You don’t say what type of visa you will be interviewed for so I can’t say what type of questions they will ask. The questions will be pertaining to your visa class.
Example: In a family class visa interview you will be asked questions about your family member who is sponsoring you.
Susan asks…

Can I work as a police officer in Canada if I am an immigrant? What about Quebec?

I have been working as a police officer for 5 years in Romania and since I want to immigrate to Canada ( or Quebec ), I need to know if I can legally work as a police officer there, too. Thanks for the answers!

Diana answers:

Unless you are VERY fluent in French, forget about Quebec.
Obviously, you are fluent in English, so here is what you will need to do.
Apply and be accepted, as a Permanent Resident applicant. Once you have your PR status granted to you, come to Canada.
You will need to take the Police Foundations 2 year college course, and pass it, to be able to apply for a interview, with any Canadian city Police force. In order to be hired, you must pass the physical fitness tests, and the written tests. It will NOT be easy for you, as you will need to be very familiar with our national laws and court system.
I don’t want to be negative, but this is going to be a hard thing for you to do. It will take you YEARS to get here and then more years to be come educated in our legal system. At least 6 years in total.
Here is a link to the Toronto Police Service recruiting website. READ it carefully and notice the required education and fitness testing, plus the personal references that are required of a applicant. Many apply, few are selected for training. Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and the Police force here has over 7,000 members.
Jim B. Toronto.
Carol asks…

I’m an Iranian I want to immigrate to Quebec(Canada) . do you think I would have a better life?

Diana answers:

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes, you’d like Quebec better.
You might like Toronto even better than that, especially the opportunities for your career.
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