Your Questions About Immigration To Canada From India

Carol asks…

Can anyone help me how to file immigration to canada from India? Documents required and it’s formats?

Should i apply via any client or apply on my own?

Diana answers:

Apply on your own. Clients are a waste of money. Find a job in Canada and the company will give you the necessary information.
Paul asks…

How long it will take to get immigration to canada from India?

2-3 months, 6 months or above…

Diana answers:

It depends on many things , check with CIC website for processing time frames, but don't count on it, and don't call them. It's better if you continue living your life normally, until your visa comes out. Immigration times sucks!

Lizzie asks…

Immigration to Canada from India?

Friends can you suggest some good (authentic) consultant from India, will be fine if consultant is from Chennai, who can guide thru the process of getting immigration & PR in Canada. Thanks

Diana answers:

Immigration to Canada from india currently taking 6 years!!!!
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