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Chris asks…

I am a Canadian citizen-expired passport, living in USA with a green card-US landed immigrant. What documents?

What documents do I need to travel back to Canada for a visit?

Diana answers:

Without a valid passport, your permanent residency status (green card) is no longer valid either. It is a requirement that you keep your passport current to maintain permanent residency status.
To go back to Canada by air, you MUST have a valid passport. No exceptions (because the US airlines won’t let you on the plane).
To return by land or sea, the expired passport and a valid Canadian or US driver’s license will suffice. You should also have your birth certificate, just to be on the safe side … Especially since you’ll need it once you’re home to renew your passport before returning.
To come back into the US, you must have a valid passport – or forfeit your green card status and have to begin the process again from “ground zero”.
Mandy asks…

If a landed us immigrants spouse won the lottery does the us gov have rights to lottery money ?

the spouse is a Canadian citizen and when i say rights to the money i mean does the us gov have the right to get part of the lottery money ?

Diana answers:

F no, did they have any part in the sale or purchase of the ticket? No.
George asks…

What’s the minimum age to apply for non-immigrant US VISA?

I am currently Canadian permanent resident (landed immigrant). And I’ve lived here for 3 years but I am not canadian citizen yet. So I have to apply for the US non-immigrant VISA. I am 18. Am I eligible for it? And do I need to have a purpose of going to US? I am only planning on going there for a few days or maybe weeks.

Diana answers:

There is no minimum age. The US issues tourist visas to infants. You’ll still have to demonstrate your social and economic ties to Canada and prove to the satisfaction of the interviewing officer that you will return after your trip to the US. If you can do that, you’re eligible. If you can’t, you’re not.
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