Your Questions About Landed Immigrant Canada Status

Steven asks…

Canadian Landed Immigrant Status?

My mother is a UK citizen. She lived in Canada with landed immigrant status in the ’80s. I was born here and reside in Canada. She returned to the UK over 20 years ago but now wants to come back. Can she redeem her landed immigrant status? Please give as much detail as you can.

Diana answers:

She can not redeem her landed immigrant status. If she wants to go back to Canada, she can apply to immigrate or you can sponsor her or if she has income, she can come on a visitor visa and just keep extending it.
Immigration Canada is at and you can find more information there, forms etc.
David asks…

Getting a permanent resident status in Canada?

I am a landed immigrant in Canada (have the permanent resident status), and I am expecting. My fiance is coming after me (us), and we are planning to get married. My question is, that can he get the permanent residet status after me without being sponsored? Thank you!

Diana answers:

Not unless he is qualified for a skilled worker visa(can take years for that)
only other way is for you to sponsor him on a spouse visa
Susan asks…

How can a Canadian landed immigrant from PRC travel to the U.S.?

My wife is a Chinese (PRC) national who just received landed immigrant status. I am an American citizen. What does she need to do to visit the U.S. for less than 30 days? What does she need to do to work in the U.S. long-term? How long does she need to reside in Canada in order to retain her immigrant status in Canada? Many thanks.

Diana answers:

I would suggest you contact the nearest Canadian consulate for your answers about residence in Canada, and the American consulate for your answers about a tourist? Visa to visit the US.
These will be better sources than peoples opinions on here which while well intentioned, may be wrong and put your afoul of one or both governments.
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