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Ruth asks…

I saw on CIC that it was written decision made for permanente residence so I clicked on it, what does it mean?

A decision has been made on *** application. The office will contact **(the person being sponsored) concerning this decision.
Does this mean they dont need an interview since they already made their decision? And how long does it usually take to have the letter? How when we we get it how long before we can get the residence visa to come to canada???
Thank You, Im just so stressed out!
Are they also going to contact the sponsor????

Diana answers:

It means what it says, they have reached a decision and will contact the person involved to notify them of the decision. The result could be anything from acceptance without interview to absolute refusal, and all in between. All you can do is wait for the notification, it should come through in 5 – 7 days.
David asks…

Certificat De Selection- Residence Permanente?

Hi, I have a question to ask!
When I came to Canada I landed in Montreal, Quebec and recieved a Certificat de Selection- Residence Permanente in 2002 and it expired in 2005. I moved out of Quebec to reside in Ontario in 2003. Now I want to go back to Quebec to study at McGill university, and I dont want to pay the “Out Of Province Student Tuition”. (3,000 more). Is it possible for me to somehow renew this certificate and pay the Quebec citizen tuition? Thanks for any insight.

Diana answers:

This is tricky. If your selection card was still valid, it could have been used for resident tuition. Selection cards cannot be re-issued.
It appears the only way to qualify at this point is to reside in Quebec for one year before the start of the semester.
The link below walks through the various scenarios that determine whether you qualify as a resident.
Sandy asks…

When cic(perm res)asks me go to the embassy to finalise file DO I NEED ANYTHING ELSE THEN 2picture an passport?

When cic aks me to go to the embassy of canada in haiti and bring my passport and 2 photos for finalise file for a permanente residence visa, DO I NEED TO BRING ANYTHING ELSE WITH ME THERE????? Please help me I dont want to go there for nothing and not be able to do anything because I live far from the embassy!
Thank You so much for your help!

Diana answers:

No you need nothing else.
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