Your Questions About Work Permit For Canada Requirements

Linda asks…

how long does the canada working permit releases?

Finally,I have my LMO approval and contract from the employer. Now, i am waiting only for my working visa to get released.. for how long do they usually released it? and is there any possibility immigration ignore and deny my application even though i have the LMO and all requirements have needed submitted to them already.

Diana answers:

I have heard that it could take up to 6 months for them to process an application.
Lizzie asks…

I am working in Canada and holding a valid working permit.I am planning to take a holiday to the Philippines.?

where do I apply for an entry visa in coming here to Canada?What are the requirements,or any website?Thank you so much for your help.

Diana answers:

I am not sure where in Canada you are living, so the information in the first link is for Toronto. For you to be able to go the the Philippines you must go to the Philippine Consulate General. The second link is for the location of the Embassy in Ottawa and also another location of a Consulate that is in Vancouver. So you have to show up at an office either in Ottawa, Toronto, or Vancouver. But make sure to call first as you might need to make an appointment.
Jenny asks…

Hi If i get a job in Canada, how would i go about applying for it? CheersSalendra?

And what will be my requirements. Currently employed in New Zealand in the IT Technology field hold a work permit. Its my dream to go to Canada to work. Just need to know if i can.

Diana answers:

You do not tell us if you are a citizen of the United States or not that is the big question.
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