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Barter System History : Past, Present, and Future

The barter system for getting goods and services dates back many centuries. In most cultures the barter system was used before money was created. People who had specific items or services to sell would exchange them with others for the things they needed. The barter system transcends the monetary system.

The barter system is making a comeback today. In today's economy it is sometimes easier to exchange your product or service for that of another. What makes the barter system even better today than ever before is that it can now be done globally. In the past bartering was simply done with those that were located nearby. If the family raised chickens they traded chickens or eggs for items they needed such as cloth with which to make clothing.

Today the barter system can be used in a much more sophisticated way than ever before yet it carries with it the same basic motivation - the need for something that you don't have and the excess of something that someone else wants. The barter system allows you to negotiate the worth of your item or service in relation to products or services that you want.

Good negotiation is the key to making good trades. The barter system works best when both parties feel that they have made a good deal. While the barter system originated based on basic needs today the barter system continues to thrive. Modern life has given people access to many more things than ever before. Most people have things that they no longer need or want and can use to trade for items that they do want or need.

The barter system doesn't necessarily use money to operate. Since money varies in value from country to country bartering is easy to do anywhere in the world. Explorers and pilgrims used the barter system to get the things they needed for their journeys. The system uses the fact that some areas and some people have things that aren't always available elsewhere. For example explorers traded their goods for items such as spices that were not available where they came from.

The barter system is enjoying renewed interest today. Bartering allows you to get the things you need without having to expend additional money. Instead you can use the things you no longer need or want to get the things you do need. There are swap markets and online auctions that allow you to sell or trade your items or to purchase items that you want. Negotiation takes place just like it did hundreds of years ago. This ensures that the trade makes both parties happy. The best time to ask questions is before you make a purchase. If you are selling an item be sure to represent it properly.

The barter system in one form or another will continue to be used in society as long as people continue to have and need goods and services. The system works well and is particularly helpful when using different currency or when the economy slows.

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