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Age Old Home India

India is one country where there are thousands of old people who are staying in different Age Old Home, India! These are basically non-profit making organizations, which give shelter to old people who are in need of home, food and clothes! These organizations run on donations and grants!

In India there are two types of Old Age Homes i.e. Free and Paid old homes! The basic difference between such two Homes is that the prior ones cares for the destitute old people who have no one else to care for them. While in the later care is provided for a fee and these days such homes have become very popular in India! Not all Age Old Home, India are good only few of them are reputed and well worth considering!

At many places the old people are encouraged to participate in the day to day activities which may be anything from cooking to maintaining the cleanliness of the home. In good Age Old Home, India all the old people are provided recreational facilities such as televisions, radios, newspapers and books.

Good places even offer sports facilities such card tables, chess, scrabble etc. In India there are several old age homes situated in different cities especially in Kolkata, Delhi, Chinnai etc! Only a handful of Age Old Home, India has been successful in making a name!

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