The Cost of Slim Band Surgery in Canada: Cheaper Than in the United States

With more and more people becoming obese and having problems losing their extra weight, a surgical option is available. While the procedure has impressing results, it is expensive. The procedure is less costly in other countries, so many people travel abroad to have it done. The cost of slim band surgery in Canada, while cheaper, can vary depending on a few factors. It is the least expensive country to have the weight-loss procedure done and many choose to have it done there.

Slim band surgery provides the patient with impressive results, being performed since 1992 on obese patients. A lap band is implanted in the patient's stomach, limiting the quantity of food that is consumed. This makes the patient's stomach smaller and allows them to become full more quickly. This procedure has a very high success rate.

Canada is a popular choice for many since the cost of slim band surgery in Canada is less expensive than in the United States. The procedure starts around ,000, which compares to ,000 in the United States. There are many additional things that can add to the cost, like the level of obesity of the person. The overhead costs are lower in Canada, which is why it is cheaper.

When getting an estimate on the cost of slim band surgery in Canada, it is essential that various medical facilities are called. Make sure to ask if all costs are inclusive. Some facilities may have hidden fees, like pre-operative exams, surgeon's fees and post-operative care. So, doing research and asking questions is imperative.

A few other factors should be considered, other than the price. There will be extra fees for airline tickets, renting a car and staying in a hotel. All of these costs should be factored in, as these will drive the cost of the procedure up and may make it more expensive than just having it done in the United States. If that is the case, then it is more sensible to just have it done at home.

For those that have health insurance, the procedure may be covered if done in the United States. If that is the case, there is no logical reason to make the trip abroad for the procedure. For those that do not have any health insurance, there are Canadian benefits that are free, which one may be eligible for.

Some other relevant things to consider are the level of experience that the doctor performing the procedure has. It is also essential to determine the level of care that will be given before and after having the procedure done. The level of care should be adequate for total recovery and to minimize any complications.

It is vital to weight all pros and cons related to the procedure when evaluating the cost of slim band surgery in Canada. There are many factors that are essential and must be considered before making the decision to have the procedure done. While it is effective, there are possibilities of complications. Having the procedure done allows many to get a handle on their weight and become a healthier person.

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