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Sore Throat Pain Relief Ideas That Work

A sore throat is an acute inflammation of the lower pharynx. This inflammation usually affects the mucous membrane and causes it to discharge secretions similar to sputum. In some cases, the throat can be very dry that coughing to discharge the secretions can be harsh on the throat. The tonsils and the soft palate may also become inflamed and cause pain when swallowing. A burning sensation and a tightness in the throat are also common occurrences when one has sore throat.

Some common causes of sore throat include colds, allergies, and habits like breathing through the mouth. A sore throat can also be an indication of a more serious disease if it is severe and chronic. However, for mild and random sore throats, the following sore throat relief ideas work effectively:

  1. Consider the cause of your sore throat.

Determining the cause of your sore throat is necessary before you can administer the proper cure and relief treatment. If colds and flus are prevalent in your office or any place you frequent, these viruses are probably the cause of your sore throat. Excessive shouting and eating foods that are too spicy can also cause sore throats. However, if you suspect that your sore throat is caused by something more serious like strep throat, you must have it checked by your doctor.

  1. Take prescription or over-the-counter painkillers.

Your doctor can prescribe prescription medication for your sore throat. Depending on the severity or the perceived cause, he or she can prescribe plain painkillers or one with antibacterial properties. You can also use over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen or naproxen to relieve the pain in your throat. You can also take an analgesic to reduce inflammation like aspirin and acetaminophen. Just be sure to inform your doctor of any medication you have taken or are currently taking. This way, you can avoid over-medicating and possibly adverse drug interactions.

  1. Suck on throat lozenges.

Lozenges with zinc, menthol, benzocaine, or phenol are ideal to suck on since they can numb the throat. Menthol hard candies are also good substitutes if you cannot find lozenges. Sucking on lozenges promote saliva production which prevents dryness and scratching in the throat. Saliva production also reduces the chances of bacterial infections in the throat.

  1. Gargle mouthwash or salt water frequently.

The alcohol in the mouthwash has antiseptic properties which can cleanse the throat if there are bacteria. It also disinfects scratches and lesions in the throat which might be caused by dry coughing. Salt water works the same way and is cheaper in comparison. Simply combine a teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of warm water. Gargle the mixture several times a day. This will increase the blood supply to the area by washing away mucus and dilating capillaries, thereby enabling better circulation of infection-fighting antibodies.

  1. Eat a soft or liquid diet.

Instead of meals that require you to swallow solid food like meat, opt for soups, yogurts, and mashed vegetables to avoid irritating your throat further. Supplement this diet with lots of water and natural fruit juices to facilitate the development of antibodies. Remember to avoid too much spices in your meals as these can aggravate your sore throat.

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