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Your First Swingers Party

Attending your very first swingers party can be a very daunting prospect, but do not let it worry you. By taking some simple advice it will be a fun and very exciting experience. First of all you need to decide what type of party you are going to attend. We would split parties into 2 categories, a free house party or a pay party at a specific venue. What is the difference between the two. In our experience we would say that there is slightly less pressure at a free house party, these tend to take on a less formal atmosphere. The main reason for this is that these parties are by invitation only and the the hosts are good they will invite people who they think will get on well together. Also as no-one has paid to attend the party there is little chance of the 'getting their pound of flesh' crowd being there. You should also decide if you want to attend a party soley for couples, couples and single females or a party with couples and both single females and single guys in attendance. If single guys are not your thing then we would suggest you keep clear of attending a party (especially a pay party) that caters for single guys. While most single guys are very polite and play by the rules - there are some that do not and encountering this kind of situation would lead to a bad experience. One very important thing to remember is not to drink too much. We know that you are going to be nervous and a little 'Dutch' courage goes a long way to calming the nerves. But do not have one too many. Drunk people at swingers parties are bad news - they can spoil everyone's enjoyment. Also do not forget they one drink too many can have exactly the wrong effect on the guys and no-one want to fall at the first hurdle. This should go without saying - but make sure you are well presented. No scruffy clothes or trainers. Hopefully the hosts of the party will have already implied a dress code and hopefully they will make sure people stick to it. This is meant to be an exciting night out - getting dressed and ready for the party is all part of it - so enjoy it. When you are at the party it is really important to mix. Do not stand in the corner and hope that people will come up to you and start conversation. Too many times we have heard people say that they thought the party was not very good - but normally these are the people who stand alone by themselves and do not engage others. This is a simply rule - do not be a wall flower. And finally but perhaps most importantly set out your ground rules together before you get to the party. Talk through with each other your limits and boundaries and stick to them. Do not place yourself or your parter in a situation neither of you want. Remember that 'playing' with people at a party is not guaranteed - do not go with any expectations. Then if you click with someone this is a bonus. But above all - be yourselves, be honest and be open.

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