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We are lucky in the state of Michigan to have BCBS of Michigan for one of our health insurance carriers. For consumers who do not know the Michigan health insurance market, BCBS Michigan takes "everyone" as they like to put it. While this is true, times are getting tough for the health insurance giant which is located in downtown Detroit.

As stated, BCBS of Michigan will accept everyone who applies for individual health insurance. They have what is called a six month pre-existing clause, which means anything you have been treated for in the last six months prior to applying for coverage, will not be covered for the first 6 months of coverage. As a health broker in the state of Michigan, I feel that is fair.

The issues I am starting to see with BCBS Michigan, is two fold. One, their individual plans are not that good compared to other private insurers in the state. They have caps on RX coverage, and pretty much after your second doctor visit, you are on your own. They only cover two doctor visits with their best plan on the Michigan health insurance market. To top it off, their plans are very expensive within the insurance market. Individuals can find better deals if they decide to work with a broker.

The second problem I see with Blue Cross of Michigan is bad publicity within the media. Within the last two years the media of Detroit has been blasting BCBS of Michigan because of high rate renewals, buying other insurance companies, and executive compensation. It has not been a great time for Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Consumers in Michigan need to understand their are other Michigan health insurance plans on the market that can suit them just as well as BCBS Michigan. With a little research, you might be surprised on what you find.

Michigan consumers should understand that BCBSM does server a purpose here in Michigan. Some people just cannot get insurance from a private carrier, and that is where Blue Cross comes into play. I just wanted to write this article to consumers know that other options do exist. Those options will include better overall plans, with better benefits.

About the author: Randy Palmer is the owner of http://www.michiganhealthbroker.com, the premier website for Michigan health insurance. Mr. Palmer has been an advisor in the state of Michigan for five years, and has access to all the major health insurance companies.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/insurance-articles/bcbs-of-michigan-bcbs-michigan-2059065.html

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