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Numerology & Personal Month Number

Numerology is the study of the occults with number that reflects an individual's basic characteristic traits, his hidden talents, powers, inspiration and his path of life. With the help of numerology the letters of a particular alphabet can also be represented by certain numbers. The sum of the numbers of your name and also that of your date of birth bears certain cosmic vibrations.

Numerology as we all know is a form of ancient science. A belief has inculcated within us since the past decades, that numerology or the 'number magic', to a great extent reveal our motives and opportunities. I personally prefer numerology for 3 specific reasons: it makes you the Master of Timing, it helps you make the perfect choice and it acts as the mirror.

Each month is always a new beginning for us. Now, which month will have what influences on us can be well predicted by numerology. The Personal Month Number gives a brief description about the lessons during particular months, the trends and particular influences that will personally affect us. Numerology was first discovered by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras. Numerology is such a subject which will enable you to predict what will happen to you within a fraction of a second from now!

This Number basically predicts what lies ahead of you in the calendar month ahead. This software helps you to realize that every particular month has a specific energy, which should be effectively harnessed for your own welfare. It basically tells you that you should utilize the energy of a particular month for your own inner fulfillment.

The Personal Month Number will change with every new month, and you can feel its influence upon you for about a week prior to and after the last day of the month. On the whole, your Personal Month Number helps you enhance your personality and evolve into a complete human being.

As you move on in your life each and every month of your life will be affected by this Number. This number keeps on changing every month as per our calendar months and the effects of which can be felt either earlier or later. Apart from your pinnacle/life path/desire numbers Personal Month Number also exerts an important influence on our daily or rather monthly activities.

To calculate your Personal Month Number, simply add up your date of birth, along with your birth month, the current month and the current year.

About the author: Numerology, Abhishek's pastime, turned into profession. After detailed study, he has The site has several Numerology articles and free software. MB Free Personal Month Number Software helps calculating Personal Month Number.


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