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GaiaOnline Gold Cheats Exposed and Cracked!

There many videos in the internet that shows the different ways the hackers scams in Gaia Online. These may be one of the following.

1. They promise you massive amount of gold as long as you give them passwords.
2. They ask you to go into a webpage and follow the instructions on that website such as placing your Gaia username and password.
3. The ask you to install a program that will make gold for you instantly.
4. They ask you to send gold and items to their accounts first before they actually go proceed with their "scam".
5. They send you gold and items, and then asks for your password so they assist themselves on the transfer. Wrong, They'll steal every item you have.

You will not receive the Gaiaonline Gold Cheats from those scammers!

Are there legal Gaiaonline gold cheats? Basically, you cannot actually say cheats are legal, but there are ways to make gold faster without putting up a red flag on your Gaia online account.

First, here some tips that will give you more gold in gaia easily. In your diary, post 3 to 4 entries with few words. You can delete those entries as soon as they are published and your gaia gold added in your account for each of your newly added entry in your diary will not be deducted from your account. That's one of the most basic Gaiaonline gold cheats.

Everything that you will do will require you more time to gather gold. Posting in forum may take you sometime just to make one valid post. Playing in competitions will not guarantee you any gold, and in some cases, you will just loose gold. So again, go for the legal gaiaonline gold cheats and avoid the ban!

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