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What are you looking for? A sedan, an SUV, a luxury car, a foreign make, a domestic car, a pickup, a classic car, a motorcycle or boat? Or maybe a salvage or rebuildable car or truck that still has plenty of good miles left in it for the right buyer? AutoBidMaster can help you out. ABM has an easily-searchable database of cars and trucks that are available at auction, and has auctions in most of the lower 48 states, as well as auctions located globally. Signing up for a an AutoBidMaster account to get access to Copart auto auctions is easy, and allows you to bid on and search over 50,000 vehicles every day, with access to view any Copart Virtual Auction in real time. By becoming an AutoBidMaster member, you're automatically cleared to bid up to 00 on a vehicle before you need to increase your buying power by using the convenient deposit system

When bidding on a Copart auction through ABM, you have the option of either personally inspecting the cars you're interested in, or having designated licensed mechanic do the inspection and then give you a detailed report on the vehicle (complete with photographs). This, of course, is far preferable to buying a vehicle sight-unseen on eBay and relying on the seller's good faith in the purchase!

AutoBidMaster bidders are professionals, as well as ordinary car buyers. The only way to get access to Copart's dealer only auctions is through a registerded broker such as ABM. You can bid from around the world, and contract with several haulers to arrange delivery of the vehicle from the auction directly to your door or office. For international buyers, we can arrange shipping and take care of all the export paperwork as well. The only exception is Canadian buyers in that case, we can arrange shipping to the nearest location on the US side of the border.

The days of dealer-only sales of worn-out ten-year-old cars are still around, but now there are other options as well when it comes to auto auctions. You don't have to resort to a sight-unseen eBay auction or a government-auction gamble on beat-up Highway Department trucks and seized drug-dealer cars. With AutoBidMaster, we can take a lot of the guesswork and hassle out of the buying process, and you can come away with the kind of car or truck you were looking for, often for thousands of dollars off the blue book value!

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